"Oh what a day it was...... " etc.

Yes, the sun shone bright on sparkling waters but the air was cool. We assembled at the "Warmies" at Newport as arranged and when your correspondent arrived there were already three eager boaties ready to launch.

• Andrew and Hahn Campbell with "Mars"
• Garry Hardy, Ozzie and Gerry with the Core Sound 17
• Tim and Sharon with the recently refurbished speed boat, joined by David and Margaret O'Dempsey.
• Graham Signorini in "Nabari"
• Jen and Norm Boreham with "Flexi"
• Chris and Andrew in "TakaPunt"
• Jim and Penny in the Drascombe Lugger

Boats launched, we proceeded up river to the Maribyrnong/Yarra confluence, then up stream to Aberfeldie Park where we rafted up to the landing and had a convivial lunch, observing social distancing.
On the water it was a perfect day with little traffic in the morning but by the time we returned to the ramp the car park was full of trailers and a queue was forming to retrieve boats.   It was a fun and enjoyable day to be out on the water again and I hope that it is not long until we can do so again..  Enjoy the photos below, courtesy of Andrew and Hanh Campbell and Sharon Drinkall.  

Thanks to Gary Hardy and his friend Gerard for this

up the Yarra and Maribyrnong Rivers, Sunday 28 June.

More photos here {gallery}Maribyrnong River Trip, June 2020{/gallery}

Cheers all, Chris.

Maribyrnong 2020 1  Maribyrnong 2020 1
 Maribyrnong 2020 4 Maribyrnong 2020 2
 Maribyrnong 2020 5  Maribyrnong 2020 6
 Maribyrnong 2020 7  Maribyrnong 2020 8