Our Christmas Party was well attended with a role up of 38 people all bringing a plate to share and the BBQ conducted by Andrew Cohen and Mick Benveltzen. Thank you to you both for your culinary duties!

Graham Signorini had the club boats out and in the water and these were enjoyed by members sailing after lunch and ably packed up with Leigh McNolty's assistance.

We had a couple of presentations to be done during the festivities ...

Although there were a couple of contenders, this year’s Broken Oar award was won by Brian Flewell-Smith who thought that he could nobble the competition by repeating the same misadventure. Refer to the article by Jim Stockton, who presented the award.

Our Editor, David O'Dempsey has handed over his correction pen after over 3 years at the desk. A presentation was made to David, who responded in his inimitable manner with rhyming verse.   

The task of editor has been accepted by Peter Batchelor, who has had a little experience in the past, and we are all looking forward to the future issues of Shavings.

Our January sailing day took place at Albert Park Lake on Sunday 19 January, with a forecast for 30 degrees and humid and storms ... all correct but not until late in the afternoon by which time 15 members and boats had a good day on the lake.

Jim and Penny with their kayaks, Geoff with Bluebelle, David and Annie, Begonia and Lyndsay Symonds all had a good time on the water.

We were also joined by Greg, Ian, Graham S, Graham, Leigh, Andrew Cohen, and Nicholas.

Lunch was held on the deck in very pleasant surrounds and company.

We will have more information for you in the New Year of upcoming events that you shouldn't miss.

While our members were away enjoying their holidays, Begonia and Lindsay Symonds decided to have an adventure of their own.

Answering the call for traditional boats to appear in a film production, they left Melbourne on Friday 17 January with their drivers and crew for Pykes Creek Reservoir. They all arrived before daylight and were rigged ready for "action". The crew, Jim Stockton, Graham Signorini, Nicholas Atkins, with Andrew Cohen and Chris Kelly then went to breakfast and wardrobe (no makeup they were already perfect!)

Boats sailed, directors directed, and by 12:15 we were able to take the boats out and de-rig for travel. Lunch time to warm up and then back to Melbourne. A very big thank you to all for agreeing to help for the day.

Penny Braybrook has forwarded details of an article in The Age that will be of interest to WBA members. Appearing on 21 January 2020, titled "Push for maritime museum and more recognition for 'Cinderella river'", this article features Peter Sommerville, the long-time operator of Blackbird.

In the past Peter has presented an interesting and entertaining talk to our members on the history of the Maribyrnong River, and has hosted us on river trips aboard his boat.

You can read article at https://bit.ly/30EWNeg

Happy sailing!