The WBA had yet another great day for our annual Rye Sailing Day. Gentle to fresh breeze, plenty of sun and, best of all, a great turnout.

Seventeen boats arrived with owners, crews and a few friends and family members making up a really good crowd. We all went to our usual spot on the beach and set up umbrellas and shelters and settled in for a very pleasant day. The boats were launched and spent the day coming and going on independent “voyages” up and down the coast, and even as far out as the South Channel marker. Penny’s photo below shows seals relaxing on the platform.

Others simply sailed, motored (putt putted), rowed and paddled in the vicinity of “base camp” enjoying the perfect boating conditions. When pulled up to the beach, the boats provided a spectacular display of what the club is all about - wooden boats.

This event saw the launching of Bob Gunther’s Shimmy for the first time. See the yellow hull in the fourth photo below. It is an identical successful design to Geoff and Jill’s “Bluebell” and makes a great sea boat.
At about 5pm most of the boats were un-rigged and loaded on to their trailers so we could all spend the rest of the time having fish and chips etc, chatting about the days activities and catching up with each others news.

Thanks to all who attended, too many to mention, and special thanks to Kerrin McNolty, Penny Braybrook, and Rob Ripley, for the great photos.

Tony & Linda Remington
OOD & OODette.

Kerrin and Penny's photos

Rob's photos