Talisman – Ness Boat

Designer: Iain Oughtred
Builder: Jim Stockton
Built: 1999
Current owner: Penny Braybrook and Jim Stockton

This canoe stern boat, so called because it is pointed at both ends, is typical of the boats of Scandinavia and Scotland. Similar boats were built in Viking times for use in the fjords.

Talisman is 5 metres long, 1.6 metres wide and its sails are 9 square metres in area. The gunter mainsail has a yard which slides up the mast, and a jib for additional power and manoeuvrability. 

It also has a Chinese junk sail, made from red rip-stop nylon.

The centreboard and rudder pivot upwards when necessary to skim over shallow ground.

Apart from its classic and elegant lines, the design was chosen because it is at the limit of size that one person can easily row and, with its shallow draft, is well adapted for sailing in shallow waters.

Talisman has sailed in Port Philip, the western Gippsland Lakes around Port Welshpool and Port Albert, Westernport Bay, Lake Wendouree, Werribee River, Albert Park Lake and the D’Entrecasteaux Channel in Tasmania.

Current owner: Penny Braybrook and Jim Stockton.

Talisman - Ness boat