Gabriella. Fazackerley dinghy tk 782 Ian Bakos

Gabriella TK 782 [previously Fazza] is a rare Tasmanian dinghy built in the mid 1960’s by renowned Hobart boat builder Reg Fazackerley. How this boat came to be in Melbourne is a bit of a mystery but we do know that for many years she adorned the out house roof at C. Blunt Boat Builders in Williamstown. Greg Blunt, the fifth generation owner of the boat yard, restored this beautifully made vessel in 2015/16 and we were in the right place at the right time to become her new owners in 2017. Today she is still moored at Blunt’s yard and used for fishing trips on Hobsons Bay.

LOA: 12′, 6″
Beam: 4′
Freeboard: 14″
Planking: Tasmanian King Billy Pine
Aft Thwart and Transom: Huon Pine
Middle Thwart: Tasmanian Celery Top Pine
Knees: Oak, Garden Island Tasmania
Markings: Maker initials, R.F. carved under forward thwart
Signature of Laura Dekker solo around the world sailor under middle thwart
Historical Register: Australian National Maritime Museum – Register of Historic Vessels
Further Reference: More details about Reg and his boats
Current owner: Ian Bakos
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