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No. Title and Author     Category and notes
702         .  WITHDRAWN
158 100 Years of Specialized Shipbuilding & Engineering   K.C. Barnaby   1964     Building and Design.  
405 117 Days Adrift   Maurice and Maralyn Bailey       Notable Voyages.  The Bailey's yacht sank beneath them in the Pacific Ocean. This story tells of their survival for nearly four months in a rubber raft.
721 20,000 Leagues under the Sea   Jules Verne       Fiction.  Originally published in 1870, Verne's amazing undersea adventure is one of the earliest science fiction novels ever written. Since that time, generations of readers have plunged below the ocean's waves with Captain Nemo and his first-ever submarine, The Nautilus. It's a voyage of exploration and the imagination.
189 23 Boats You Can Build         Building and Design.  Popular Mechanics Press
467 8 Men and a Duck   Nick Thorpe       Notable Voyages.  Reed Boat Trip to Easter Island
147 97/98 Sailboat Hardware Catalogue   Holt Allen Performance Hardware       Building and Design.  
647 A Book of Sea Journeys   Ed. Ludovic Kennedy       General.  
533 A Count in the F'o'csle   Count Jean Louis D'Esque   1932     Ships.  "Doubtless there is some basis in fact for the Count's tall tales. He certainly must have spent time on the sea, for the unaided imagination could hardly conceive such an astounding narrative....He tells of mighty men and fighters, villainous captains and mates, and what with murder, mutiny, disease, and shipwreck, there is hardly time for the author to heave the dead over the rail... "
517 A Cruise in an Opium Clipper   Lindsay Anderson   1891     Ships.  WITHDRAWN
451 A Fighting Chance - how we rowed the Atlantic in 92 days   Cpt.John Ridgway, Sgt.Chay Blyth   1968     Notable Voyages.  "On June 4, 1966, two young British paratroopers set out from Cape Cod to row across the Atlantic in a twenty-foot open boat. Ninety-two days later they stepped ashore off the coast of Ireland. Here is the account of that voyage, filled with the beauties of nature, fright, and human courage."
300 A Guide to Safe Boating in Port Phillip Bay   Port Phillip Authority       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  
518 A Gypsy of the Horn:The Narrative of a Voyage Round the World in a Windjammer   Rex Clements   1924     Ships.  
641 A Mainsail Haul   John Masefield   1905     General.  Stories of the sea
1129 A manual of clinker plywood boat construction   Paul Fisher   2009     Building and Design.  Selway Fisher clinker designs
470 A sail in a forest   Peter Pye   1961     Notable Voyages.  Peter and Anne Pye sail 'Moonraker of Fowey' through the Baltic
414 A Star To Steer Her By   Ann Gash       Notable Voyages.  Single-handed sailing in Folkboat Ilimo from Sydney to England and back by an inexperienced "eccentric grandmother"
455 A Voyage for Madmen   Peter Nicholes   2001     Notable Voyages.  The first single-handed circumnavigation race
515 A Voyage from Plymouth to Melbourne in 1839: The Shipboard and Early Melbourne Diary of Jonathan Binns Were, CMG   J.B. Were       Ships.  Jonathan Binns Were was an early Australian settler. He arrived in late 1839 and his diary gives an account of the voyage to the new colony as related in a journal to his brother in England
434 Across Three Oceans   Conor O'Brien   1926     Notable Voyages.  Saoirse was reputedly the first small boat (42') to sail around the world. by way of the three great capes: Cape Horn, Cape of Good Hope and Cape Leeuwin in the 1920's.
525 All Hands Aloft!   Capt. W.H.S. Jones       Ships.  
468 All the men in the Sea   Michael Krieger   1995     Notable Voyages.  MISSING - Recounts the disaster that befell pipelaying divers and seamen aboard a barge 60 miles off the coast of Yucatan Peninsula during Hurricane Roxanne in 1995.
667 Alma Doepel   Cap' t Ralph McDonell   1975     General.  The History of the Australian Schooner
221 An Extreme Event   Debbie Whitmont       Racing & Cruising.  
157 An intro to Radio Controlled Scale Sailing Models   Phillip Vaughan Williams       Building and Design.  Step by step coverage of planning a modelling project for modellers of all levels of experience
347 Anchors and mooring   A. T. Colin   1963     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  
639 Antarctic Eyewitness (Charles Laseron: South with Mawson and Frank Hurley: Shackleton's Argonauts)   Tim Bowden (Ed.)       General.  Accounts of two famous19th-century Antarctic expeditions - 1) Sir Douglas Mawson's 1911-14 Australasian Antarctic Expedition, and 2) Ernest Shackleton's unsuccessful attempt to cross the continent from 1914-16. Includes black-and-white images by Australian photographer Frank Hurley
449 Around Tasmania in a Whaleboat 1986: In the Wake of Captain James Kelly 1815-1816   Bern Cuthbertson   1989     Notable Voyages.  
481 Around the world in Wanderer III   Eric Hiscock   1966     Notable Voyages.  Eric and Susan Hiscock set out from Yarmouth, England, in their 30-foot sailing yacht Wanderer III in 1952 and travelled around the world in just under three years
438 At One with the Sea   Naomi James       Notable Voyages.  NZer Naomi James was the first woman to sail solo around the world via Cape Horn.
457 Aurora Australis   E H Shackleton   Facsimile edition, 1988     Notable Voyages.  This work was originally written and published by the men in Shackleton's 1907-1909 Nimrod Expedition during their time in Winter Quarters. Contributions include articles, poetry, fiction and illustrations.
553 Australian and New Zealand sail traders   Garry Kerr (compiler)       Ships.  1974
696 Australian shipwrecks Vol. 1: 1622 - 1850   Charles Bateson   1972     General.  A record of shipwrecks in Australian waters from 1622 to 1850, including vessels bound to and from Australia.
190 AUSTRALIAN Wooden Boats Vol 1         Building and Design.  The Wooden Boat Assoc of NSW
526 Away all Boats   Kenneth M. Dodson   1996     Ships.  "A vivid portrayal of the officers and sailors of the fictional amphibious transport USS Belinda in the Pacific of World War II."
V19 B.O.C. Round the World Race, 1983         Videos.  
507 Barque Polly Woodside   Vin Darroch       Ships.  
1102 Basic Naval Architecture   Kenneth C Barnaby   1954     Building and Design.  Design
530 Bass Strait Ketches   Harold Salter   1991     Ships.  "A history of the mosquito fleet of schooners and ketches which served some of the more remote seaports of Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia."
691 Bay steamers and coastal ferries   Jack Loney   1982     General.  
V27 Bayside Reflections - Port Phillip on Film         Videos.  
629 Beautiful Boats   Wooden Boat Magazine       General.  
156 Bench Woodwork   John L. Feirer   1978     Building and Design.  Textbook
701 Billy Budd And Other Stories   Herman Melville       Fiction.  
334 Blue Water   Bob & Nancy Griffith   1979     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  Guide to self reliant sailboat cruising
688 Bluewater Australians: The Australian experience in ocean sailing   Peter Fry   1987     General.  Based on the ABC Radio series Blue Water
327 Bluewater Seamanship   S.W. Mort       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  
123 Boat Builder's Digest, Vol. 1   Boatbuilder's Digest       Building and Design.  
193 Boat Building : A Complete Handbook of Wooden Boat Construction   Howard I Chapelle   1941     Building and Design.  Covers the complete process of traditional wooden boat construction with detailed instructions and many illustrations
345 Boat Handling     1975     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  Part of Time-Life Library of Boating. See also: The Boat; The Classic Boat; Racing
Boat Journal     July 1990    73  Periodical.  (new name for Small Boat Journal). Fun Boats for Hot Weather; Cruising Florida's Heartland; Kids for Sail; Outfitting for Camp Cruising; Building Lark - the 4-hour Dory; Bolger on Design
Boat Journal     September 1990    74  Periodical.  (new name for Small Boat Journal). Blow Ye Winds; Innovations in Floatation Wear; Walkaround Cuddy Cabins; Blue Jacket 23 - A Different Breed of Cat; Granduer in Greenland; Bolger on Design
Boat Journal     November 1990    75  Periodical.  (new name for Small Boat Journal). Ten Top Cruisers; Evolution of a Microcruiser; Performance Beyoond Speed; Jim Wynne; Charters Offer New Horizons; Bolger on Design; Hotel Boatbuilders
Boat Journal     January 1991    76  Periodical.  (new name for Small Boat Journal). First Boat; Inn to Inn Boating; A Ketch for All Reasons; Classical Gas; Sterndrives on Parade; Bolger on Design
Boat Journal     March 1991    77  Periodical.  (new name for Small Boat Journal). America's Most Scenic Rivers; Cruising the Upper Mississippi; Rugged Rivers, Craggy Coast; Expertise for River Cruisers; Garry Hoyt: Innovations in Sail; TriFoiler: The 50 mph Sailboat; Skipper to Skipper; Bolger on Design
Boat Journal     May 1991    78  Periodical.  (new name for Small Boat Journal). Cuddy Cruisers Meet the Test of Time; Sunbird Eurosport Quiet Rider; America's Favorite Fishing Boat; The New Breed of Personal Watercraft; Pontoon Cruising Doubles the Fun; A Diesel Cruiser You Could Love
Boat Journal     July 1991    79  Periodical.  (new name for Small Boat Journal). Fishing Pontoon; Innovations in Center Consoles; Getting The is Half the Fun; The Ultimate Recreational Boat; Decked for Pleasure; Yamaha's New Sterndrive Technology
1122 Boatbuilding methods   Peter Cook   1972     Building and Design.  MISSING - Describes methods and techniques involved in building wooden boats. Contents include Workshop Layout, Buying and Selecting Timber, Construction and Assembly, Fastenings.
148 Boatbuilding with Bote-Cote Epoxy System   Michael R. Johnson       Building and Design.  
324 Boating - Rowing, Canoeing, Punting The British canoe union   Amateur Rowing Association,       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  
332 Boating Guide to the NSW North Coast   Jeff Toghill   1978     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  
166 Boatowner's Sheet Anchor: A Practical Guide to Fitting Out, Upkeep, and Alteration of the Small Yacht   Carl D. Lane   1970     Building and Design.  
1141 Boats with an open mind   Philip C Bolger   1994     Building and Design.  Seventy five unconventional designs and concepts
462 Britannia: Rowing alone across the Atlantic - The record of an adventure   John Fairfax   1971     Notable Voyages.  In 1969, Fairfax became the first person to row solo across an ocean in self-righting and self-bailing boat "Britannia", designed by Uffa Fox.
1112 Buehler's backyard boatbuilding   George Buehler       Building and Design.  Buehler draws his inspiration from centuries of workboat construction, where semiskilled fishermen built rugged, economical boats from everyday materials in their own backyards, and went to sea in them in all kinds of weather, not just when it was pleasant.
155 Build a Boat for Pleasure or Profit   Popular Mechanics Press       Building and Design.  Second copy at #155B
173 Build the New Instant Boats   Harold "Dynamite" Payson       Building and Design.  Easily built boats for amateurs. Includes three stitch-and-glue designs.
108 Build Your Own Boat   Peter Mytton-Davies   1965     Building and Design.  
109 Build Your Own Boat   Percy W. Blandford       Building and Design.  
100 Building "Sunshine", Seminar Workbook II   Walter J. Simmons       Building and Design.  
185 Building classic small craft   John Gardner       Building and Design.  John Gardner died in 1995, and left a legacy of preserving the designs of 19th century American small workboats and recreational craft. Gardner gives great inspiration on the type of boat that your would like to invest your scarce project hours into. Gardner took the care to measure the vestiges of classic small craft that were still observable during his lifetime, and wooden boat enthusiasts will appreciate this comprehensive effort.
115 Building Lapstrake Canoes   Walter J. Simmons   1981     Building and Design.  
1115 Building the Nutshell Pram   Maynard Bray   1987, reprinted 2001     Building and Design.  A step-by-step manual for the construction of Joel White's Nutshell design, for oar and sail. Useful for anyone who wishes to build the pram from scratch using WoodenBoat's full-scale plans.
686 Built to last: The story of the shipwrights of Port Cygnet, Tasmania, and their boats 1865-1997   Alex Graeme-Evans and Peter Wilson   1996     General.  
459 By Way of Cape Horn   Alan Villiers   1952     Notable Voyages.  Originally published in 1930, describes square-rigger Grace Harwar's nightmare voyage from Australia to Queenstown.
303 Calculator Navigation   Mortimer Rogoff       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  
1123 Canoe design and construction   Alan Byde   1975     Building and Design.  "A good how-to book with glossary, bibliography, appendixes, index, and many black-and-white drawings."
1137 Canoecraft   Ted Moores & Merilyn Mohr   1997     Building and Design.  Step-by-step instructions that "allow even the beginner to create a low-cost classic" . Includes plans for 7 strip-plank/epoxy canoe designs
339 Canoeing   Basil F Jagger   1969     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  
323 Canoeing Wilderness Waters   G. Herberton Evans III       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  
661 Capt. Joshua Slocum   Victor Slocum   1981     General.  Adventures of Americas best known sailor
706 Captain Caution   Kenneth Roberts       Fiction.   WITHDRAWN
722 Captain Fosdyke's Gold   Percy F. Westerman       Fiction.  
124 Care and repair below decks   Percy Blandford       Building and Design.  
143 Catalogue No. 11/76   Davey & Co., London, Ltd.       Building and Design.  
310 Celestial Navigation for Yachtsmen   Mary Blewitt       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  
362 Celestial navigation   Jeff Toghill   1999     Navigation, Seamanship and Piloting.  Explains how to plot position by the Sun, planets and stars, how to use and calibrate a sextant. A companion book to #348 Coastal navigation
302 Chapman Piloting, Seamanship, Small Boat Handling   Elbert S. Maloney       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  Two copies: 1977 and 1985 eds
440 Children of Cape Horn   Rosie Swale       Notable Voyages.  
313 Circumnavigating Aust Coastline 2, Ports and Anchorages   Jeff Toghill       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  
192 CLARK CRAFT Boat Kits & Plans         Building and Design.  Plan catalog Row,Power,Sail,Paddle
336 Classic Boat Seamanship   Martin Tregoning   1992     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  This book takes the sailor from the appreciation of the rig, to getting under way, maneuvering under power and sail, anchoring, mooring, mastering traditional helmsmanship, to returning the boat safely to her berth. Also included is a comprehensive glossary of sailing terms."
Classic Boat     December 1991    42  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     January 1992    43  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     February 1992    44  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     March 1992    45  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     April 1992    46  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     May 1992    47  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     June 1992    48  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     July 1992    49  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     August 1992    50  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     September 1992    51  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     October 1992    52  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     November 1992    53  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     December 1992    54  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     January 1993    55  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     February 1993    56  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     March 1993    57  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     April 1993    58  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     May 1993    59  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     June 1993    60  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     July 1993    61  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     August 1993    62  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     September 1993    63  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     October 1993    64  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     November 1993    65  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     December 1993    66  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     January 1994    67  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     February 1994    68  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     March 1994    69  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     April 1994    70  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     May 1994    71  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     June 1994    72  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     July 1994    73  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     August 1994    74  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     September 1994    75  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     October 1994    76  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     November 1994    77  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     December 1994    78  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     January 1995    79  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     February 1995    80  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     March 1995    81  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     April 1995    82  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     May 1995    83  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     June 1995    84  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     July 1995    85  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     August 1995    86  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     September 1995    87  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     October 1995    88  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     November 1995    89  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     December 1995    90  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     January 1996    91  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     February 1996    92  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     March 1996    93  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     April 1996    94  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     May 1996    95  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     June 1996    96  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     July 1996    97  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     August 1996    98  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     September 1996    99  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     October 1996    100  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     November 1996    101  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     December 1996    102  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     January 1997    103  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     February 1997    104  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     March 1997    105  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     April 1997    106  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     May 1997    107  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     June 1997    108  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     July 1997    109  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     August 1997    110  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     September 1997    111  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     October 1997    112  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     November 1997    113  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     December 1997    114  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     January 1998    115  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     February 1998    116  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     March 1998    117  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     April 1998    118  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     May 1998    119  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     June 1998    120  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     July 1998    121  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     August 1998    122  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     September 1998    123  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     October 1998    124  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     November 1998    125  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     December 1998    126  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     January 1999    127  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     February 1999    128  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     March 1999    129  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     April 1999    130  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     May 1999    131  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     June 1999    132  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     July 1999    133  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     August 1999    134  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     September 1999    135  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     October 1999    136  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     November 1999    137  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     December 1999    138  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     January 2000    139  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     February 2000    140  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     March 2000    141  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     April 2000    142  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     May 2000    143  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     June 2000    144  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     July 2000    145  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     August 2000    146  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     September 2000    147  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     October 2000    148  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     December 2000    150  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     February 2001    152  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     March 2001    153  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     July 2001    157  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     August 2001    158  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     October 2001    160  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     November 2001    161  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     June 2002    168  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     July 2002    169  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     October 2002    172  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     November 2002    173  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     September 2003    183  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     December 2003    186  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     January 2004    187  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     March 2004    189  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     May 2004    191  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     July 2004    193  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     November 2004    197  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     November 2005    209  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     February 2006    212  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     September 2010    267  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     spring 1987     Periodical.  
Classic Boat     April 1988     Periodical.  
Classic Boat     June 1988     Periodical.  
Classic Boat     August 1988     Periodical.  
Classic Boat     October 1988     Periodical.  
Classic Boat     December 1988     Periodical.  
Classic Boat     January/February 1989    11  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     April 1989     Periodical.  
Classic Boat     May 1989     Periodical.  
Classic Boat     June 1989    14  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     July/August 1989    15  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     September 1989    16  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     October 1989    17  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     November/December 1989    18  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     January 1990    19  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     February 1990    20  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     March 1990    21  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     April 1990    22  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     May 1990    23  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     June 1990    24  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     July 1990    25  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     April 2001    154  Periodicals.  
Classic Boat     January 2001    151  Periodicals.  
Classic Boat     August 2003    182  Periodicals.  
Classic Boat     August 2009    254  Periodicals.  
Classic Boat     August 1990    26  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     July 2008    241  Periodicals.  
Classic Boat     December 2007    234  Periodicals.  
Classic Boat     November 2007    233  Periodicals.  
Classic Boat     September 2007    231  Periodicals.  
Classic Boat     August 2007    230  Periodicals.  
Classic Boat     December 2006    222  Periodicals.  
Classic Boat     August 2006    218  Periodicals.  
Classic Boat     January 2006    211  Periodicals.  
Classic Boat     October 2004    196  Periodicals.  
Classic Boat     June 2004    192  Periodicals.  
Classic Boat     September 1990    27  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     October 1990    28  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     November 1990    29  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     December 1990    30  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     January 1991    31  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     February 1991    32  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     March 1991    33  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     April 1991    34  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     May 1991    35  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     June 1991    36  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     July 1991    37  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     August 1991    38  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     September 1991    39  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     October 1991    40  Periodical.  
Classic Boat     November 1991    41  Periodical.  
V12 Classic Ships - Lazy Days         Videos.  
V13 Classic Ships - The Go-Betweens         Videos.  
174 Classic Small Craft You Can Build   John Gardner       Building and Design.  "16 more traditional designs with additional chapters on balancing small boat rigs, suitability of strip planking for home builders. Each chapter contains complete plans (emphasis is on skiffs, dorys, peapods), photos and step-by-step building instructions."
1104 Clinker Boatbuilding   John Leather   1973     Building and Design.  Traditional Clinker small boats
131 Clinker Plywood Boat Design Catalogue   Iain Oughtred       Building and Design.  
154 Clinker Plywood Boatbuilding Manual   Iain Oughtred       Building and Design.  
V8 Coastal Navigation         Videos.  
348 Coastal navigation   Jeff Toghill   1984     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  "a basic tutor for all who would like to learn the secrets of small boat navigation". See also #362 Celestial navigation
359 Coastal navigation: using traditional and electronic navigation aids   Jeff Toghill and Lyndsay Brown (eds.)   2006     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  Part of the Yachting Australia Training Series, this book covers charts, chart work, navigational strategies, passage planning, traditional navigation techniques and electronic navigational equipment.
176A Complete Amateur Boat Building   Micheal Verney   1964     Building and Design.  in wood, glass fibre and metal
129 Complete Cat of Stock Boat Designs, Selway Fisher   Paul Fisher       Building and Design.  
531 Coral Sea Calling: Pioneer tales of Australia's northern waters   Ion L. Idriess       Ships.  Potted history of the area up to the days of the first discovery of pearl shell.
534 Count Luckner: The Sea Devil   Lowell Thomas   1927     Ships.  WITHDRAWN
675 Craft and craftsmen of Australian fishing 1870 - 1970: An illustrated oral history   Garry Kerr       General.  "..a history of traditional fishing boats, brought alive by the personal testimony of the men who built and fished in them, which has been compiled from many hours of tape recorded interviews"
483 Cruise of the Conrad: The story of an adventurous voyage around the world   Alan Villiers   1956     Notable Voyages.   Journal of a voyage round the world in the fully-rigged ship JOSEPH CONRAD, 212 tons, in the years 1934, 1935 and 1936 by way of Good Hope, the South Sea, ahead of the Roaring Forties to the East Indies, on to Singapore, driven by the South East Monsoon and north about Australia and New Zealand, finally rounding Cape Horn before returning home after two years.
473 Cruises of the Joan   W. E. Sinclair   1934, reprinted 1949     Notable Voyages.  Joan was 22' long and carried no engine. She sailed first around Great Britain, later to Spain, Madeira and the Baltic, and last to Iceland and down the Greenland coast towards America. She was dismasted in a gale and drifted for six days until picked up by a passing steamer.
230 Cruising as a way of life   Thomas E. Colvin   1979     Racing & Cruising.  Cruising general
1130 Cruising designs   Thomas Colvin   1977     Building and Design.  Boat building materials; Ocean-cruising vessels; A gallery of Colvin boats; Comments on the Chinese rig
1127 Cruising designs: A catalog of plans for cruising boats, sail & power   Jay Benford   1996     Building and Design.  First published in 1975, this classic guide is a collection of basic boat plans of a variety of Benford designs, ranging in size from 7 to 131 feet in length.
238 Cruising in tropical waters and coral   Alan Lucas   1983     Racing & Cruising.  "need to understand...the seasons of trade winds; the behaviour of destructive winds; special foods found in the tropics; the dangers of coral waters and the special problems of navigating and anchoring there."
200 Cruising Rigs & Rigging   Ross Norgrove   1981     Racing & Cruising.  This book explores the many weaknesses of typical cruising gear, and suggests methods of limiting failures, emphasized by excellent vignettes of onboard experience.
217 Cruising Safe and Simple   John Mellor       Racing & Cruising.  
176 Cruising sailboat Kinetics   Danny Green   1985     Building and Design.  The art science & magic of cruising boat design
402 Cruising Under Sail   Eric C. Hiscock       Notable Voyages.  Combines Hiscock's classic books, Cruising Under Sail and Voyaging Under Sail, covering every practical aspect of cruising for the beginner and expert alike.Topics include: stability; cockpit and steering arrangements; lighting, heating, and ventilation; choice of rig; the care and repair of sails; avoiding collisions; weather; tides; coastwise navigation; steering in heavy weather; self-steering; pilot charts; provisioning; celestial navigation.
V2 Cruising with Lin and Harry Pardey         Videos.  
237 Cruising wrinkles   Thomas Colvin   1983     Racing & Cruising.  A collection of long articles and short essays on hull and rig design.
127 Cruising Yachts, Design and Performance   Dr. T. Harrison Butler       Building and Design.  
226 Cruising   Peter Heaton       Racing & Cruising.  
711 Dead Man's Rock: A romance   A.T. Quiller-Couch       Fiction.  Set in Cornwall in the 1840's
442 Deep Water and Shoal   W.A. Robinson       Notable Voyages.  MISSING
107 Design Your Own Yacht   Ben Smith       Building and Design.  
159 Designer's Notebook   Ian Nicolson       Building and Design.  
1140 Designing small craft   John Teale   1976     Building and Design.  Sets out clearly the steps by which someone can design a boat to suits his needs, even if he has no technical training
1114 Dinghy building   Richard Creagh-Osborne   1978     .  This manual is intended for the reasonably skilled amateur builder. It covers a wide range of methods, including cold molding, clinker, carvel, single and double chine, GRP and bonded plywood.
232 Dinghy cruising companion - tales and advice from sailing in a small open boat   Roger Barnes   2014     Racing & Cruising.  A practical and engaging guide to dinghy cruising, covering everything from getting set up to embarking on more adventurous cruises.
649 Dire Strait, A History of Bass Strait   Charles Bateson   1973     General.  
539 Disaster At Sea   James Croall   1981     Ships.  Last Voyage of The Empress of Ireland
1121 Do-it-yourself boat repairs   Jim Murrant   1995     Building and Design.  Explains how to carry out most common repairs to both motor and sail boats, including repairs to masts and rigging, deck and hull, stainless steel fittings, sails, pumps ...
V18 Douarnenez, 1988         Videos.  
453 Down Channel   R.T. McMullen       Notable Voyages.  Combined log and diary of 19th-century pioneer of small-boat sailing. R.T. McMullen, who did most of his sailing in the English Channel.
1131 Duck Flat Wooden Boats : A book of dreams   Robert Ayliffe   1993     Building and Design.  
654 East Anglia   Ely Peterborough       General.  The Broads Cambridge
1100 Elements of Yacht Design   Norman L Skene   1948     Building and Design.  Boats of the 30's & 40's
485 Endeavour: The story of Captain Cook's first great epic voyage   Peter Aughton   2002     Notable Voyages.  An account of life on board the Endeavour during its voyage (1768-177) to discover Terra Australis. Illustrated with maps, drawings and etchings by crew members.
361 Essential knots and basic ropework   Geoffrey Budworth   2000     Navigation, Seamanship and Piloting.  100 or so carefully chosen knots useful for fishing, boating, climbing and general purposes. Colour photographs and step-by-step instructions
314 Essentials of Seamanship for Cruising   John Watney       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  Although not specifically about wooden boats, describes the basics of seamanship while sailing with a crew.
343 Exercises in Coastal Navigation for Australian Yachtsmen   Jeff Toghill   1985     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  "Based on charts of the Whitsunday Passage"
309 Exercises in Coastal Navigation   G.W. White       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  
519 Famous Sea Battles   Donald Kneebone   1968     Ships.  WITHDRAWN
219 Fatal Storm   Rob Mundle       Racing & Cruising.  
1125 Featherweight boatbuilding   Henry Mac McCarthy   1998     Building and Design.  Build your own "Wee Lassie" canoe, a light-weight, solo, double-paddle canoe, using cedar strip plank construction techniques. Detailed, fully illustrated instructions..
480 First Lady   Kay Cottee   1989     Notable Voyages.  Records in her own words Cottee's historic achievement in being the first woman to complete a solo, nonstop, unassisted round-the-world voyage.
617 Fitting out above decks   Alan Lucas   1982     General.  Oriented to cruising rather than sailing, subjects are in A/Z order rather than order of construction
161 Fitting Out Below Decks   Alan Lucas       Building and Design.  
475 Force nine and more: High winds, wild seas - stories of Australians who fought them .. and survived     1969     Notable Voyages.  Eighteen stories
1111 Forty wooden boats: A third catalog of building plans   Wooden Boat Magazine       Building and Design.  1995, 4th printing 2003
528 Fourteen Minutes   James Croall       Ships.  
171 Gaff Rig Handbook   John Leather       Building and Design.  "A compendium of the history, design, techniques and developments of gaff rig, profusely illustrated with historic photographs and the author's excellent diagrams and drawings, this is the revised and extended 1994 version of the original 1970 [edition.]"
651 General Meteorology, Part 1   Bureau of Meteorology       General.  
479 Gipsy Moth circles the world   Francis Chichester   1968     Notable Voyages.  Chichester's account of his historic round-the-world voyage in his 53 ft ketch Gipsy Moth IV
658 Give me a ship to sail   Alan Villiers   1958     General.  "Alan Villiers is always looking for another ship to sail, an ocean going, square-rigged ship, to keep the ancient art of seafaring alive. This is his story of his search for sailing ships, now nearly vanished from the seas, from the North Atlantic to the Indian Ocean."
546 Good Boats   Roger C Taylor   1977     Ships.  "Taylor shares his favorite designs with fellow boat lovers. We learn how to interpret boat plans, and we also pick up some basic seamanship."
140 Guide for the Handyman   McPherson's       Building and Design.  
523 H.M.S. Victory, Official Guide and Short History   The Comm. Officer, H.M.S. Victory       Ships.  
354 Hand reef and steer: Traditional sailing skills for classic boats   Tom Cunliffe   1992     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  Explains the different sailing characteristics of classic gaff-rigged craft and the special skills required to handle them. Step-by-step advice on setting up the rig; sail handling skills (hoisting, setting and reefing); heavy and light air sailing; maneuvering a long-keel boat; losing way, scandalizing and steering with many types of sails. Watercolour drawings and photographs.
315 Handling Ropes & Lines Afloat   Paul & Arther Snyder       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  "An illustrated guide on the handling of ropes and lines including the tying of important bends, hitches and knots, the coiling of rope and the clearing of fouled lines. It also gives information on line handling, cleating and winching, the mooring of ropes and the heaving and docking of lines."
135 Handyman Afloat and Ashore   Ken Bramham       Building and Design.  
695 Harry Clark - The story of a master boatbuilder   Ron Clark   2020     .  A personal memoir by his son, recording Harry's life and boat-building achievements in Williamstown.
191 HARTLEY Deep Vee Boat Building   Richard Hartley       Building and Design.  
167 Hartley's Guide to Boat Building   Richard Hartley       Building and Design.  
136 Hints and Gadgets for Small Craft Owners   H.G.R. Williams       Building and Design.  
630 History Of The Albert Park Yacht Club, 1871-1996 : one hundred and twenty-five years of yacht racing   Ralph P. Neale   1996     General.  
662 Hobart River Craft Sealers of Bass Strait   Harry O'May   1973     General.  Historical
1108 How to Build 20 Boats   Boris Leonardi   1957     Building and Design.  
1105 How to Build a Cruising Yawl   The Rudder Publishing company   1934     Building and Design.  Two Cruisers
1126 How to build a wooden boat   David C "Bud" McIntosh   1987     Building and Design.  The author shares his knowledge, gained from over 50 years of experience in wooden boatbuilding, about traditional, practical, plank-on-frame boat construction. "Literate, warm, encouraging, insightful." Illustrated by Samuel Manning.
132 How to Build Nereia   L. Francis Herreshoff       Building and Design.  
102 How to Build Small Boats         Building and Design.  
1107 How to Build Small Boats   Alan Lucas/Jack Pollard       Building and Design.  Easy How to style for beginners
351 How to find where you are from the Sun - What you need to do when your GPS fails   George Buehler   1997     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  Explains celestial navigation, including how to use a sextant
690 Iain Oughtred: A life in wooden boats   Nic Compton   2008     General.  " both biography and design catalogue..." Signed copy
454 Ice Bird   David Lewis   1975     Notable Voyages.  The First Single Handed Voyage to Antarctica
727 In the Heart of the Sea   Nathaniel Philbrick   2000     Fiction.  True story that inspired the story Moby Dick
684 In the South: Tales of sails and yearning   Geoff Heriot   2012     General.  "It begins with two wooden boats�" "stories of sail and sea.., of design and artisitic craftsmanship, sprung planks, loss and the rescue of ageing boats."
450 In the Wake of Bass and Flinders, 200 years on   Bern Cuthbertson   2001     Notable Voyages.  " The story of the re-enactment voyages 200 years on in the whaleboat 'Elizabeth' and the replica sloop 'Norfolk' to celebrate the bicentenary of the voyages of George Bass and Matthew Flinders."
322 Instant Wind Forecasting   Alan Watts       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  "A quick reference guide for all who work or play outdoors whether dinghy, coastal or offshore sailors, fishermen, motorboaters, farmers, golfers, walkers or pilots. It will help them make meaningful predictions based on the look of the sky and the feel of the day. "
V17 International Festival, Bristol, 1996         Videos.  
229 Introduction to Yacht Racing   Bob Ross   1975     Racing & Cruising.  
628 Jack Earl, Artist & Sailor   Bruce Stannard       General.  
1118 Jibsails: Their design & construction   James Lowell Grant   5th ed, 2003     Boat building & Design.  Aimed at the amateur sailmaker. Section 1: General principles of sail design; Section 2: Construction procedures; Section 3: Using your sail - Fault detection and correction.
476 John come down the backstay   Caroline Tapley   1974     Notable Voyages.  An account of the 1857 voyage of the Fox searching for Sir John Franklin and his men, missing in the Arctic since 1845.
676 Jolly dogs are we: The history of yachting in Victoria, 1838-1894   Ralph P. Neale   1984     General.  " ..a social history [of] those who earned their living on the water or aspired to become accomplished amateur sailors." Uses contemporary accounts "..to bring back to life many people and events connected with the early days of yachting in Victoria."
243 Journey to Mourilyan: A coastal pilgrimage   Neilma Sidney   1986     Racing & Cruising.  Neilma Sidney travelled around the Australian coastline from Port Lincoln, SA, to Cooktown, Qld. by yacht, jeep, plane and car.
V3 Kathleen Comes Home         Videos.  
1136 Kayak craft   Ted Moores   1999     Building and Design.  Walks you through the process of building strip-plank kayaks
175 Keeping Nyala in style   Sylvia Murphy   1995     Building and Design.  Improving and maintaining a classic boat
536 Ketches of South Australia   Ronald Parsons       Ships.  A record of small sailing ships on the coast of South Australia 1836 - 1970
652 King of the Australian Coast:the work of Phillip Parker King in the Mermaid and Bathurst 1817-1822   Marsden C Hordern       General.  "Parker was son of the governor of New South Wales and the first native-born Australian to achieve flag rank in the Royal Navy. Important for his exploration and charting of Australia's coastline, he was also a naval officer, explorer, hydrographer, administrator, astronomer, artist and writer."
342 Knots   George Russell Shaw       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  Technical
330 Knotting and Netting   Leslie Woollard   1953     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  A classic history of netmaking, includes basic knots and bindings, square and circular netting and useful accessories.
105 Lapstrake Boatbuilding, Vol. 1   Walter J. Simmons       Building and Design.  
106 Lapstrake Boatbuilding, Vol. 2   Walter J. Simmons       Building and Design.  
169 Lapstrake Boatbuilding   Walter Simmons       Building and Design.  
1124 Lapstrake plywood boatbuilder's manual   Iain Oughtred   1995     Building and Design.  
432 Last Voyage   Ann Davison       Notable Voyages.  True story of Frank and Ann Davison who buy an old fishing ketch in post-WW2 England and retrofit it for their ocean-going adventures.
126 Laurent Giles, An Evolution of Yacht Design   Adrian Lee & Ruby Philpott       Building and Design.  
465 Lionheart: A journey of the human spirit   Jesse Martin   2000     Notable Voyages.  In October 1999, Melbourne school-boy sailor Jesse Martin, at 18 years of age, and after 11 months at sea, became the youngest person to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world.
103 Lofting   Allan H. Vaitses       Building and Design.  
319 Longitude   Dava Sobel   2010     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  The story of John Harrison's forty-year obsession with building his perfect timekeeper, known today as the chronometer. The invention of a clock that would keep precise time at sea enabled 17th century sailors to measure their longitude for the first time, revolutionising maritime exploration.
648 Looming Lights   George Goldsmith Carter   1947     General.  Describes life aboard a lightship guarding the world's most dangerous sandbank: the Goodwin Sands
724 Love me Sailor   Robert S. Close   1945     Fiction.  The story of a nymphomaniac aboard a windjammer whaling ship and the trouble she creates among the crew.
139 Making Sailing Dinghies and Wooden Boats   Model & Allied Publications Ltd.   1972     Building and Design.  
340 Manual of Seamanship Vol 1   The lords commissioners of the Admiralty   1937     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  Traditional Seamanship
185 Marine Diesel Engines   C.C. Pounder   1954     Building and Design.  Technical Manual
160 Marinize Your Boat: Practical ideas for improvements, repairs and fitting out   Ian Nicolson   1975     Building and Design.  
547 Maritime Paintings of Early Aust 1788-1900   Martin Terry       Ships.  Surveys Australian maritime art from the beginning of European settlement to the end of the nineteenth century. Large photographic quality colour plates of works by artists such as William Westall, Conrad Martens, Oswald Brierly and Frederick Garling, with biographical information on the artists.
505 Maritime reflections   Jock Muir; with Chris Hudson and Jocelyn Fogagnolo       Ships.  Details of the work of Jock Muir, Tasmanian boat builder, designer and competitive yachtsman.
728 Master and Commander   Patrick O'Brian       Fiction.  First of O'Brian's historical series featuring Captain Jack Aubrey RN and Stephen Maturin, ship's surgeon and intelligence agent. The movie starring Russell Crowe was based on this novel.
659 Men, ships and the sea   Alan Villiers   1973     General.  Describes the interaction of men and the sea, from ancient days to the present, and the development of ships and how they have helped shape the course of civilization.
733 Missee Lee   Arthur Ransome       Fiction.  
170 Model Sailing Yachts   W.J. Daniels & H.B. Tucker   1951     Building and Design.  Reprinted edition. Covers construction, rigging, steering and sailing
162 Modern Marine Maintenance   John Duffett       Building and Design.  
114 Modern Wooden Yacht Construction   John Guzzwell       Building and Design.  Second copy at #114B
545 More Good Boats   Roger C Taylor   1979     Ships.  "the author brings us 36 new articles on fine traditional boat designs. This collection encompasses a wide range of types and sizes, all fitting Taylor's definition: "A good boat is handsome, able and seakindly."
244 Motor sailing: Cruising under sail and power   Dag Pike   1993     Racing & Cruising.  The handling of motor sailers under both motor and sail is explored for harbour and open sea conditions. Examines hull forms, propulsion and steering, deck layout, superstructure, accommodation and equipment.
117 Motor Yachting & Boating   Peter Heaton       Building and Design.  
720 Mr. Midshipman Easy   Capt. Marryat       Fiction.  
312 Multihull Seamanship   M.C. McMullan   1976     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  
609 My Favourite Tales Of The Sea   Sir Alec Rose   1969     General.  Anthology of sea stories, authors include Hilaire Belloc, St Paul, Joshua Slocum, Charles Darwin and Joseph Conrad.
441 My Lively Lady   Sir Alec Rose   1968     Notable Voyages.  An account of (Sir) Alec Rose's single-handed voyage around the world in his 36' yacht 'Lively Lady' in 1966.
428 My Old Man And The Sea   Valdemar Veedam and Carl B. Wall       Notable Voyages.  
655 Mysteries of the Bass Strait Triangle   Jack Loney   1980     General.  Victorian & Tasmanian Shipwrecks
471 Narrative of an expedition to the Great Sandy Strait   Stewart McGarvie       Notable Voyages.  Stewart describes his 1999 trip exploring the Great Sandy Strait between Fraser Island and the Queensland coast in his 19ft Caledonia yawl 'Trondur'
645 Narrow Boat   L.T.C. Rolt   1946     General.  "..record of a voyage along 400 miles of the intricate canal system of the Midlands..." in Cressy, a converted horse-drawn barge."
331 Nautical Emergencies - Seamanship for the Unexpected   Tony Meisel   1984     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  Tactics to deal with emergencies at sea
1103 Naval Architecture of Small Craft   D Phillips Birt   1957     Building and Design.  Design
350 Navigating with chart and compass   Jeff Toghill   1982     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  With a chart and compass you can navigate anywhere if you are in sight of land.
199 New Designs for Sail   John Arrow   1951     Building and Design.  Boats of the 50's
341 Norie's Nautical Tables   Imray Norie and Wilson   1991     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  Mathematical Tables - This famous set of mathematical tables was first published in 1803.
153 Oars for Pleasure Rowing: Their Design and Use   Andrew B. Steever   1992     Building and Design.  Analyses the design and mechanics of oars and their use in fixed-seat rowing boats. Includes calculations and recommendations for adjusting and fine-tuning boats and oars to get the most out of pleasure rowing.
514 Of Men, Boats, and Crayfish   Gary Kerr       Ships.  
657 Of Ships & Men: A personal anthology   Alan Villiers   1962     General.  
625 Old Harry's Bunkside Book   J. Des Sleightholme       General.  Humour
235 On the river: A variety of canoe & small boat voyages   Walter Magnes Teller (ed.)   1988     Racing & Cruising.  Accounts of late nineteenth and early twentieth century voyages by a variety of writers including Henry David Thoreau, Frederic Remington and Edward Chichester.
660 Out of Appledore   W.J.Slade   1980     General.  British Coasting Seaman Biography
520 Perils of the Sea   John F. Shaw & Co. Ltd.       Ships.  
729 Peter Duck   Arthur Ransome   1932, reprinted 1974     Fiction.  MISSING
333 Peter Heaton on sailing   Peter Heaton   1967     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  Traditional sailing
710 Pieces of Eight:: Being the Authentic Narrative of a Treasure Discovered in the Bahama Islands in the Year 1903   Richard La Gallienne       Fiction.  
732 Pigeon post   Arthur Ransome   1936, reprinted 1969     Fiction.  
664 Pioneer Shipping of Tasmania   L. Norman   1989     General.  Historical
632 Plain Sailing: A seagoing anthology   John Brysson       General.  
1128 Pocket cruisers for the backyard builder   Dave Gerr   1987     Building and Design.  30 small sailboats you can build, a broad range of types and construction methods.
544 Post War Yachting   Maurice Griffiths   1945     Ships.  An introduction to the man in the city
194 Power for the small boat   W.Melvin Crook   1947     Building and Design.  Engines
1120 Practical small boat designs   John Atkin   1983     .  Plans for amateur wooden boat builders - over 25 small boats, from six to twenty-eight feet long
195 Practical Yacht Construction   C J Watts   1957     Building and Design.  Small Yacht Building
338 Practical Yachting Hints   Francis B Cooke       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  Letters to a Novice
V25 Preamble to America's Cup         Videos.  
542 Provident & the story of the Brixham smacks   John Corin   1980     Ships.  
212 Racing Dinghy Handling   Ian Proctor       Racing & Cruising.  Aims to provide the beginner with a sound introduction to dinghy handling with a view to eventually acquiring race-winning skills.
177 Racing Dinghy Sails   Jeremy Howard-Williams   1971     Building and Design.  Chandlers & Boatbuilders catalog
233 Racing     1976     Racing & Cruising.  Part of Time-Life Library of Boating. See also: The Boat; The Classic Boat; Boat Handling
401 Racundra's First Cruise   Arthur Ransome       Notable Voyages.  
V7 Return of the Tall Ships to the Mersey         Videos.  
198 Rigs & Rigging of Yachts   D Phillips Birt   1954     Building and Design.  Rigging General
636 River Boats   Ian Mudie       General.  
242 River journeys   Various   1984     Racing & Cruising.  Describes voyages on the Congo (Michael Wood), Sepik (Christina Dodwell), Mekong (William Shawcross), Sao Francisco (Germaine Greer), Murray (Russell Braddon) and Nile (Brian Thompson) Rivers in a variety of craft including ferry boats, a vintage paddle steamer and a canoe.
V6 Ropes, Knots, & Splices         Videos.  
400 Rough Passage   Cdr. R.L. Graham       Notable Voyages.  "In 1934, Commander Graham set off single-handed from Galmouth in EMANUEL, a tiny seven-ton cutter, on a voyage to Labrador. Once there, he spent several weeks cruising among the remote settlements of Newfoundland and Labrador."
1139 Rudder design for sailing craft   K. J. Olsen (Amateur Yacht Research Society)   1974     Building and Design.  Explains terminology and basic theory, including rudder position, shape & area, balance, centre of pressure and torque.
168 Rules/regs for Constr/Class Composite Yachts   Lloyd's (1966)       Building and Design.  
146 RWO Performance Sailing Equipment   RWO       Building and Design.  
418 Saga of a Wayward Sailor   Tristan Jones       Notable Voyages.  
447 Saga of a Wayward Sailor   Tristan Jones       Notable Voyages.  
231 Sail & Power   Uffa Fox   1950     Racing & Cruising.  Tales of racing and sailing
1116 Sail making for the home boatbuilder - including altering second hand sails   Selway Fisher Design       Building and Design.  "Studying the art of sail making will extend your understanding of how your boat moves forward unser sail power and will also give you the knowledge to experiment with the setting of the sails in order to make them work more efficiently"
V22 Sail Power for Better Cruising         Videos.  
311 Sailboarding, A Guide to Boardboat Sailing   A.H. Drummond, Jr.       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  
458 Sailing alone around the world   Joshua Slocum   1995     Notable Voyages.  Voyage of the Spray round the world 1895/1898
540 Sailing Boats of the world   Rhonda Rudd   1974     Ships.   A Guide to classes
321 Sailing Directions, Victoria including Bass Strait, 1970   Public Works Dept., Victoria       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  
203 Sailing II: Racing   P.K. Kemp       Racing & Cruising.  
429 Sailing In A Sieve   Glyn Roberts   1963     Notable Voyages.  Novelised account of Roberts' trip from Sweden to Britain in an 18ft leaky gaff-rigged sloop which was eventually wrecked on a North Sea sandbank.
1109 Sailing Ship Models - Historical - Remote Controlled   Martin Becker       Building and Design.  Modellers World
669 Sailing Ships   Bjorn Landstrom   1969     General.  Historical
529 Sailing ships   Patrick Brophy   1974     Ships.  A history of the sailing ship as a trading vessel
409 Sailing To Freedom   Valdemar Veedam and Carl B. Wall       Notable Voyages.  
227 Sailing To Win   Jim Murrant   1970     Racing & Cruising.  Racing small boats
138 Sailing Yacht Design   Robert Henry and Richards Miller       Building and Design.  
218 Sailing, Key Facts Colour Guide   Barry Pickthall       Racing & Cruising.  
214 Sailing   Peter Heaton       Racing & Cruising.  
687 Sailing: A dictionary for landlubbers,old salts & armchair drifters   Henry Beard, Roy McKie   1981     General.  " A lexicon bringing new meaning to the things said at sea"
631 Saltwater Palaces   Maldwin Drummond       General.  
537 Schooner Enterprize   Geoff and Olga Mitchelmore       Ships.  
535 Schoonerman   Captain Richard England   1981     Ships.  '... first-hand account of the schoonerman's life by one of their last survivors, who went to sea as a ship's boy in the 1920's. In the second part of the book, England describes from the Master's viewpoint the working of the fully-rigged tops'l schooner, Nellie Bywater, the last fully rigged merchant schooner in Britain.
478 Sea change: Alone across the Atlantic in a wooden boat   Peter Nichols   2000     Notable Voyages.  Nichols sets out to sail from England to America to sell his boat, but Toad springs a leak halfway across the Atlantic...
325 Sea Wisdom for Small Craft   Hilary and K.J. Wickham       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  
326 Seamanship in Small Open Boats   Ken Duxbury       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  
484 Second chance: Voyage to Patagonia   Maurice and Maralyn Bailey       Notable Voyages.  After the Bailey's previous disastrous voyage (see #405 - 117 Days Adrift), their next voyage took them to South America, down the east coast as far south as Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia, then up the west coast.
719 Secret of the Santa Cruz   John E. Edwards       Fiction.  
715 Secret Water   Arthur Ransome       Fiction.  
163 Sensible Cruising Designs   L. Francis Herreshoff       Building and Design.  
681 Settlers under sail   Don Charlwood   1978     General.  Centenary commemoration of the wreck of the Loch Ard.
461 Shapes on the wind   David Lewis   2001     Notable Voyages.  David Lewis's story
541 Ship in the wilderness: Voyages of the MS "Explorer" Through the Last Wild Places on Earth   Jim Snyder, Keith Shackleton   1986     Ships.  Wildlife artist Shackleton and photographer Snyder document their travels to the polar regions aboard ice-breaking ship Explorer. Beautifully illustrated.
707 Ship of Danger   Mabel Esther Allan       Fiction.  WITHDRAWN
443 Shrimpy: A record round-the-world voyage in an 18 foot yacht   Shane Acton   1981     Notable Voyages.  Acton sailed round the world westwards from England through the Panama Canal and back to England over eight years, in a Robert Tucker designed bilge-keeled boat.
186 Simple boat Building   Geoffrey Prout   1946     Building and Design.  
320 Simple/Complete Digital Astro-Navigation, Piloting, and D/Reckoning   Tamaya       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  
623 Simpson on Secondhand Boats   Andrew Simpson       General.  
482 Single-handed sailing in Galway Blazer   Peter Crowther   1998     Notable Voyages.  Describes many long-distance voyages made by Galway Blazer, which was built for a single-handed non-stop circumnavigation attempt in 1968.
353 Singlehanded sailing: The experiences and techniques of the lone voyagers   Richard Henderson   1989     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  "... insight into the psychology of singlehanders, their boats, gear, strategies and techniques, plus vivid accounts of emergency experiences alone against the elements."
642 Sixty Years of Yachts   Herbert E Julyan       General.  
239 Slow travel   Mari Rhydwen   2004     Racing & Cruising.  "Sell the house, buy the yacht and sail away�" Cruising in the Indian Ocean
Small Boat Journal     March 1979    00 Pilot  Periodical.  Ocean rowing shells in Maine; Florida's version of a Swampscott dory, taking a look at aluminum: John Gardner traces the history of the Garvey: fast workboats In the British Isles; Tom McNaughton offers a bug-sized tugboat; how to select plywood; 1.600 miles in a Pocket Yacht
Small Boat Journal     August 1979    01/01  Periodical.  Canoeing: A New Golden Era?; SBJ Tests an Inflatable Canoe; Primer on Kayaks; A New Cover for Your Canvas Canoe; Sails and Oars at Sausalito; RKL; Picaroon Is an Eye-Catcher; Is this the Ultimate Fishing Machine?; Fitting Out Your Camp-Cruiser; Crystal: a 15'6" Utility Towing Boat; The Herreshoff 15: More Magic from the Wizard; Taking the Twist out of Torque
Small Boat Journal     September 1979    01/02  Periodical.  Cuban Roulette; Two Small Evinrudes; A Stolen Skiff Launched the Alcar Boat Co.; Back to the Old Sod - in an 18-Footer; A One-Horse Electric; Flicka - A Happy Little Ship; Flicka - Comfort for Two in a 20-Footer; Two Owners Comment on Their Flickas; A Sailing Skiff Worth Remembering
Small Boat Journal     October 1979    01/03  Periodical.  Smaller Cars Spell Trailering Trouble; The Surf Hunter 25 Says GO!; Herreshoff's 12 1/2-Footer Sails On in Fibreglass; The McKenzie River Dories - 1; Resurrecting Old Wooden Boats; Why Some Properly Done Covering Jobs Fail; Cooking in a Vacuum; Sloop for a Dry-Out Mooring; A Fast Run Down the Spectacular Missouri; Across the Gulf Stream in a 9' Dinghy
Small Boat Journal     November 1979    01/04  Periodical.  The Hampton, hampton boats, Carefree cruising in a one-design (lightning), Heads up 22 footer, clydesdale for the clam flats, Ilex, a 24' day boat; In-Water Maintenance, My Father was Right, My Son was Right; Getting a Good Buy On A Custom-Built Boat
Small Boat Journal     December 1979    01/05  Periodical.  Roger Taylor tries out a modern Herreshoff Alerion; Rhode Island quahog skiffs; a 21'classic motor launch; Maryl Leonard gives a kayak for Christmas; taking the fuss out of fittings; Phil Bolger designs a 12' sailboat; the art of sculling; cruising on Georgian Bay
Small Boat Journal     January 1980    01/06  Periodical.  Paul Lipke and Roger Taylor look at the Beetle Cat; rehabilitating propellers, special section on underwater design; Wait Simmons builds a lovely lapstrake canoe; photo essay of a dory race; Dave Getchell discovers a beautifully restored launch
Small Boat Journal     February 1980    01/07  Periodical.  The aluminum utility: iceboating: restoring a working man's classic; building in plywood under fiberglass; testing the Puddle Dippa: how to rerig your factory sailboat; Phil Bolger designs a 15'6"light dory
Small Boat Journal     March 1980    01/08  Periodical.  Fiji in a Folbot; Alaska In a Klepper; what to look for In a small diesel. the West Pointer. an IS' outboard boat: Phil Bolger's car-top sailboat; Harold Payson describes a foolproof mooring; John Gardner traces the development of the Adirondack guide-boat
Small Boat Journal     April 1980    01/09  Periodical.  Rebuilding a C rocker classic; Silhouette, a twin-keel sloop; diesel outboards; the Boston Whaler; navigational tools; Carol Storrs enjoys a tiny fiberglass canoe: George Putz builds a fisherman's skiff, a $100 motorsailer; Phil Bolger designs an aluminum shoal water cruiser
Small Boat Journal     May 1980    01/10  Periodical.  A 13-year-old battles a gale in a dinghy; exploring the Chesapeake; camp-cruising; marine toilets; Walt Simmons describes his Matinicus double-ender; designing a dory around an engine; Phil Bolger designs a skinny OB cruiser ( tennessee, design #359)
Small Boat Journal     June 1980    01/11  Periodical.  Determining how much power Is enough; one-lungers; Phil Bolger designs a poor man's Rozinante; making your campcruiser seaworthy; a visit to Maine In a Lightning; using housewares to fit out your boat; sailing and fishing In a Sun Cat; inflatables come out of the Closet
Small Boat Journal     January 1981    16  Periodical.  SBJ tests the Parker/Dawson 26; a skiff that shouts simplicity: McKenzie River Dories II. Lugger in the Everglades; SBJ tests the Grady-White 255 Sailfish; navigating through fog with hand-held radar; Storm Petrel, a 16'4" x 5'2" Motorsaller; Row for your life
Small Boat Journal     March 1981    17  Periodical.  Elver: A Canoe-Yawl for the 80s; Newport's Frostbiters: SBJ Test - The Nauset 27; Yawl Boats Aren't for Sailing Rowing the Maine Coast In Winter: McKenzie River Dories - Ill: Commuting by Kayak: Whys P Wherefores of Rivets P Roves; The Day the Yawl Boat's Engine Failed
Small Boat Journal     May 1981    18  Periodical.  James Samuel: A Flat-bottomed Sailing Skiff., Searunner 31: Jim Brown's Cruising Tri; Pointer's Skiffs; St. Lawrence Skiff Revival; In the wake of Thoreau; A Multipurpose Boomgallows; Looking for Bargains in Wooden Boats; The Right Trailer for Your Boat
Small Boat Journal     July 1981    19  Periodical.  This Englishman's Castle Is a 17'6" Plywood Sloop; The Romantic 20-Footers; A Steamboat for Fun and Economy Those Beamy Army Storm Boats; The Old Tin Canoe; Space Age Portability; The Stonington Pulling Boat; How to Survey a Fiberglass Boat; Dingbat - An Experiment in Foam
Small Boat Journal     January 1982    22  Periodical.  South Bay Scooters; A Sliding Seat Rowing Rig, Serena. A Canoe Yawl Cast In Cement; The Rowing Cruiser Around Vancouver Island In 80 Days. Starcraft Aluminum V221; Powerboat Design. Canoe-in-a-Box; Tools and Advice for the Self-Sufficient.
Small Boat Journal     March 1982    23  Periodical.  Tutle: Dr. Spock's Problem Child; The Drascombe Dabber; Centennial II: A Builder Reflects; What is a Johnboat?; Antique Boating: Is It For You?; How to Build by the Sewn Seam Method; Planking Repairs; The Art of Boardsailing; The Elbow of the Neuse
Small Boat Journal     May 1982    24  Periodical.  3200 miles on a Phantom rowing shell, antique boating, plying the smallest streams, OMC sea drive, Fal oyster cutters
Small Boat Journal     July 1982    25  Periodical.  Rowing the Fastart 21; Catch, Drive, Feather, recover: A Rowing Primer; Canoes According to Galt; The Deltaville Garvey; When It Needs Some Work; Exploring the Chesapeake Fringe; Winning Designs: Duster is Named for the Wind; Repairing a Centerboard Case; Bolger: SBJ Cartoon #1
Small Boat Journal     September 1982    26  Periodical.  A Pair of Open Cruisers From Florida; Californians Still Love the Sea Mew; Puxe: A 22-Foot Deadrise Launch; Completing the Inboard Joinerwork; Bolger: SBJ Cartoon #2; A Serious Look at Inflatable Canoes; Keeping Her Afloat
Small Boat Journal     November 1982    27  Periodical.  Golden Isles Crown Georgia's Coast; Cornish Shrimper; Swamp Boating; William Atkin's Timeless Bobb M; Bobby M - A Little Motor Boat; Making Your Own Oars; An Old Sailor's Little Darling; Bolger Cartoon #3; Towing Tips
Small Boat Journal     January 1983    28  Periodical.  First Boat; Bolger Cartoon #4; Jack Hazzard and the Paper Canoe; Keeping Her Level; Skinflint Sportfisherman; Fortifying Factory Fibreglass; The Rodgers 24
Small Boat Journal     March 1983    29  Periodical.  Quick and Easy; Winning Designs; Thunderbird; Man Overboard!; Gauley, Gee Whiz; Bolger Cartoon #5; Seaway's 23 Cuddy Cabin; Building the One-Hole Aluet Bidarka, Part 1; Between the Sheets
Small Boat Journal     May 1983    30  Periodical.  Back to Basics; Rr. Canoe and Mr. Motorboat; More Than a Tin Skiff; Building the One-Hole Aluet Bidarka, Part II; Cartoon #6: A Schuyt Houseboat; You'll Be Back to Visit�?; Winning Designs: The Geary 18; Evolution of the Species; The Tancook Whaler Nimbus
Small Boat Journal     July 1983    31  Periodical.  Haine Hunter Tramp 19' 6" - tri - sail - cruise , Solo 22 - mono - sail - cruise, Bateau 15' - mono - sail - row, The Shipwreck That Wasn't - RedSea cruise in an open Lugger., Cruise and Carry outboards. Maintenance
Small Boat Journal     September 1983    32  Periodical.  Gloucester 16 - mono - sail - cruise, Fjording 19.5 - mono - sail - cruise - wood - custom, Bolger Little Fuss 18' 10" - mono - sail, A-Class Catamarans - Racing cats., Small Outboard Ignition Systems., Narrasketuck 20' 6" - mono - sail
Small Boat Journal     January 1984    34  Periodical.  Delvin Winter Wren 22' 7" - mono - sail - cruise - wood, DN Iceboat Warming Up Winter
Small Boat Journal     March 1984    35  Periodical.  Wylie Wabbit 23' 9" - mono - sail - cruise - race, Hartley TS-16 - mono - sail - cruise - kit/plans , lavro sea dory, Review - Bolger Presto-style Cruiser 27' - mono - sail - cruise - kit/plans, Appledore Pod 16' & 19' - mono - sail - row -custom wood, Bahama Sojourn -cruising in a sailingcanoe. , Mighty Mite Outboards, Camelot 27 - mono - sail -cruise, West Wight Potter
Small Boat Journal     May 1984    36  Periodical.  Gloucester 11 - mono - sail , Great Pelican 16 - mono - sail -cruise - kit/plans, Swampscott Dory 16' - mono -sail - row, Cartop Roof Racks, The Wayfarer Logs -Cruising ina 16' Wayfarer dinghy, Fast 40 - Technical article on40' racing boats, Heritage Crui
Small Boat Journal     July 1984    37  Periodical.  Spindrift 22 - mono - sail - cruise, Chariots of Sail -Olympic raceboats Tornado, Windglider, Flying Dutchman,Soling, Star, Finn, International 470., Cherub 23 - mono - sail -cruise - steel
Small Boat Journal     September 1984    38  Periodical.  Rob Roy 23 - mono - sail - cruise, Bolger Fast Daysailor 31' - mono - sail - kit/plans, Long Island's Great South Bay, Catapult - 16' 5" inflatable catamaran , Portaboat, Adding Your Own Lead Ballast, Fricka 18' - tri -sail - canoe - kit/plans
Small Boat Journal     November 1984    39  Periodical.  18 foot catboat in Cape Cod and Islands Sea Trials of: Bay Hen, Dovekie, Drascombe,Gloucester 19, J-22, Montgomery 17, Old World18, Slipper 17
Small Boat Journal     January 1985    40  Periodical.  Frances 26 - mono - sail - cruise, Bolger Catboat 12' - mono - sail - kit/plans, Lightning 19' - mono - sail - racer, Lateen Rigs, Cruising in a 15' Gypsy - Part1 - mono - sail - row - kit/plans, Illusion 12' - mono - sail , Sneakbox 12'
Small Boat Journal     March 1985    41  Periodical.  West Wight Potter 15' - mono - sail - cruise - by Larry Brown, Cruising in a 15' Gypsy - Part2, Outboards - various types lookedat. , Junk Rigs, Etap 20 - mono - sail - cruise
Small Boat Journal     May 1985    42  Periodical.  Pears 24 - mono - sail , Bolger Live Aboard Sailboat 18' - mono - sail - cruise - kit/plans, T-Boat 18' - mono - sail - row -board boat, Cormorant 12' - mono - sail - catboat, Why Small Boats - by Larry Brown, Gunter Rigs , Cruising in a 15' Gypsy - Part3
Small Boat Journal     July 1985    43  Periodical.  Oysterman 23' - mono - sail - cruise , Calico Jack 32' - mono - sail -cruise, Lazy Jacks, Elliot Power Paddle - outboard, Harbor Cat 16' - mono - sail - catboat, Typhoon Senior 22' - mono - sail - cruise
Small Boat Journal     September 1985    44  Periodical.  Sontana 20' - mono - sail - Garveytype - kit/plans, Slab Reefing and Downhauls, Wayfarer Cruises Labrador - Cruising in a 16' Wayfarer Dingy, Boat Tents for Small Boats, Short Review - Zuma 12' - mono - sailShort Review - JJTaylor 26' - mono - sail - cruise
Small Boat Journal     November 1985    45  Periodical.  Sea Trial Review - A comparison of: Spindrift 19, Montego 20, Mirage 5.5, Oday 192, Rhodes 19, X21, Sea Pearl 21 - all are mono - sail - cruise, Peep Hen 14' - mono - sail - cruise, X2 Sailing Scow ?' - mono - sail - cruise , Scrano 24' - mono - sail - cruise
Small Boat Journal     January 1986    46  Periodical.  C-Scow 20' - mono - sail - racer, Man Overboard - rescue technical, Cruising the Intercoastal Waterway, Sculling - Part II: Putting Your Best Oar Behind You, Sunfish 13 Converted for Cruising , Tables for Small Boats - for eating on
Small Boat Journal     March 1986    47  Periodical.  Montgomery 15 - mono - sail - cruise, Compac 16 - mono - sail - cruise , Outboards and Trolling Motors
Small Boat Journal     May 1986    48  Periodical.  Chebacco 20' - mono - sail - cruise, Bolger's Plywood Canoe Yawl ?' -mono - sail - kit/plans , Selecting A Trailer, Small Outboards
Small Boat Journal     July 1986    49  Periodical.  3 Different Mini Scows - all 12' - mono - sail , Outboards for Sailboats - 4 to9.9 HP., Silicone Uses
Small Boat Journal     September 1986    50  Periodical.  Bolger's Seabird 23' - mono - sail - cruise - kit/plans , Town Sharpie 16' 6" - mono - sail, Bolger's Bobcat 12' 3" - mono -sail - catboat - kit/plans, Modifying a Sovereign 17 for ExtendedCruising, Kits and Plans Directory, Epoxies, Tanaka 5.5 Outboard Motor
Small Boat Journal     November 1986    51  Periodical.  Sea Trials of: Starwind 223, Tanzer 22, Merit22, Sirius 22, San Juan 23
Small Boat Journal     January 1987    52  Periodical.  Shearwater Sharpies 28' - mono -sail - cruise, Star 22' - mono - sail - racer, Canvas Boat Projects - covers fortillers, motors and interior storage bags
Small Boat Journal     March 1987    53  Periodical.  Etap 23 - mono - sail - cruise, "Micro" Boat - You build it fromkit or plans, Building a Sailing Garvey, 75 Day Cruise Down the MississippiRiver in a 13' Sneakbox (not the 1800 one, Canvas Tents and Awnings for Boats
Small Boat Journal     May 1987    54  Periodical.  Sanibel 18 - mono - sail - cruise, Compac 19/2 - mono - sail - cruise, Naiad Catboat 18' 3" - mono - sail, Modifying a 1974 Venture 23 for Cruising
Small Boat Journal     July 1987    55  Periodical.  Cornish Crabber 30' - mono - sail - cruise, Chamberlain Dory Skiff 13' 5" -mono - sail - row, Burl Ives Flicka 20 , Stepping and Tuning the Mast, Deapthfinders - Old technology, Folding Kayaks: Feathercraft, Folboat,Kelepper, Ecomarine
Small Boat Journal     September 1987    56  Periodical.  Sand Hen 24' - mono - sail - cruise, Bolger's Plywood 12 1/2 - mono -sail - kit/plans, Homemade Self Steering, Camp Cruising West Grand Lake inMaine in a 15' Gypsy, Building a Kit Sailboat
Small Boat Journal     November 1987    57  Periodical.  Scarano 22 - mono - sail - cruise, Sea Sprite 23 - mono - sail - cruise, Bridges Point 24 - mono - sail -cruise, Quickstep 24 - mono - sail - cruise, Kelepper Cruising Modifications - sailing kayak, Dale Hollow Lake Tennessee , Almost to Hell and Back
Small Boat Journal     January 1988    58  Periodical.  Building A Pilot Sloop 20' 8" -mono - sail - cruise - kit/plans, Shoal Draft Mecca - Charteringa Black Skimmer 25 in Florida Bay , Experts Choice 10 Best Boats -power and sail, Sea Anchors and Drogues, Outboard Motor Carburetors
Small Boat Journal     March 1988    59  Periodical.  Nimble 20 - mono - sail - cruise, Bolger's Cat Schooner Dayboat 16' - mono - sail - kit/plans, Tuckup Spider 14' 11" - mono - sail - wood, Lightning Protection, A Big Little Cruiser - modifications to a Potter 15, Carolina Cruising
Small Boat Journal     May 1988    60  Periodical.  SBJ Buyer's Guide: Trailerable Cruising Sailboats - mono - sail - cruise, Sailboat Racing Bahamian Style, Varnishing Secrets, Favorite Boating Gear, Helm Control: The Delicate Balance , The Sailor's Knife
Small Boat Journal     July 1988    61  Periodical.  Catboat Rendezvous (Molly cat, Merger Cat & Sanderling - mono - sail , Favorite Summer Getaways - sail - cruise, Sleight of Sail, Wiring Your Mast, Galley Strategies
Small Boat Journal     September 1988    62  Periodical.  The Flying Scot, Custom Boat: Modifying a Cape Cod Catboat, Puget's Sound in Semi-Original Fashion, Roller Furling & Reefing, Beat the Heat
Small Boat Journal     November 1988    63  Periodical.  1988 SBJ Sailing Sea Trials - Schock 23, Beneteau First 235, Tonic 24, Hunter 23, Voyage Through America in a Sea Pearl 21, Docking and Anchoring under Sail
Small Boat Journal     January 1989    64  Periodical.  Cruising Trimarans: Are Three Hulls Better than One? - Dragonfly, Somersault 26, Firefly, F-27 & Argonauta , Casual Daysailor (Philip C. Bolger, Navigation Tricks of the Sailing Masters, Mast Steps & Tabernacles
Small Boat Journal     March 1989    65  Periodical.  20 foot Navigator, SBJ Sea Trials: 10-Foot Dinghy, Lake Powell in a Sailing Canoe, The Dope on Rope, Custome Boat: Improving a Proper Yacht , Sail Care Rituals, Anatomy of a Rope
Small Boat Journal     May 1989    66  Periodical.  Spring Fitting-Our Checklist , Herreshoffs in Glass, Northern Harbour, Small Boat Hall of Fame, Self-Tending Headsails, Rejuvenating Gelcoat
Small Boat Journal     July 1989    67  Periodical.  The Appealing Peep Hen - sail - mono, Designing a Plywood Trimaran - sail - tri, Sun Sense for Boaters, Make Your Own Sail , Ropelocker - The Monkey's Fist
Small Boat Journal     September 1989    68  Periodical.  Small by Choice, Able by Design (Capri 18, Hunter 18.5, Precision 18 & Sovereign 18 - sail - mono , Cruising as a Way of Life, Discovering America Under Sail, Sailing the Rockies, Windvane Self-Steering
Small Boat Journal     November 1989    69  Periodical.  Fun That Never Ends (Olly B. & Scout - sail - mono, River Road to the Sea (the Chattahoochee, Custom Boat: Racer to Cruiser
Small Boat Journal     January 1990    70  Periodical.  A Tale of Two Nimbles - sail - mono, Melonseed Skiff - sail - mono, Full-Battened Mains, Ropelocker - Sewn Whippings
Small Boat Journal     March 1990    71  Periodical.  Comfortable Cruising Design, Dinghy Down the Keys, Autopilots for Hands-free Sailing
Small Boat Journal     May 1990    72  Periodical.  Multi-Function Electronics for the Non-Megayacht; Towing Power - 1990; Stuart Knockabout; Fish Stalkers; Paint like a Pro; Bolger on Design
306 Small Boat Sailing   Percy Blandford       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  MISSING
600 Small Boats and Big Seas   Ed. Ralph Stephenson       General.  
634 Small Motor Cruisers   Nigel Warren       General.  
1117 Small sailing craft: Design and construction   John F. Sutton   1936     Boat building & Design.  A clear summary of the principles of boat design, aimed at the amateur boatbuilder. Includes fold-out line drawings for a 16' V-bottom Sharpie.
328 Small Ships Manual   Marine Board of Queensland       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  
1134 Small yachts: Their design and construction exemplified by the ruling types of modern practice   C. P. Kunhardt   1985, edited and abridged from the original 1891 edition     Boat building & Design.  The 1891 publication was the first American study of yacht design. This edition reproduces most of the original plates and their accompanying descriptive text and forms an excellent record of naval architecture.
643 Sod's Law of the Sea   Bill Lucas & Andrew Spedding       General.  
477 Solitaire spirit: Three times around the world single-handed   Les Powles   2012     Notable Voyages.  Les Powles had just eight hours sailing experience when he set off to sail solo around the world in 1975. He tells of his three attempts to circumnavigate the globe.
1113 Something about 'Navigator': The Welsford camp cruiser   Robert Ditterich   2010     Building and Design.  Describes the development, building and sailing of one of John Welsford�s most popular designs.
444 Song of the Sirens   Ernest K. Gann       Notable Voyages.  
406 Southseaman: Life story of a cruiser   Weston Martyr       Notable Voyages.  
V24 Spirit of the Endeavour         Videos.  
670 Steamboat memories   Colin Jones   2001     General.  Boats on Lake Wendouree
210 Successful Yacht Racing   C. Stanley Ogilvy   1951     Racing & Cruising.  
149 Surveying and Restoring Classic Boats   J.C. Winters       Building and Design.  
134 Surveying Small Craft   Iain Nicolson       Building and Design.  
411 Survive The Savage Sea   Dougal Robertson       Notable Voyages.  
714 Swallowdale   Arthur Ransome       Fiction.  
713 Swallows and Amazons   Arthur Ransome       Fiction.  Second copy 713B
234 Swatchways and little ships   Maurice Griffiths      1999  Racing & Cruising.  "For over fifty years Maurice Griffiths cruised in a variety of small yachts amongst the rivers and creeks of the Thames Estuary and round the coasts of Suffolk, Essex and Kent. In this classic book he tells of the boats he owned in that time, and shows how the experience gained with these small craft helped to turn him into a dedicated yacht designer."
V9 Tall Ships - Sailing The Windjammers         Videos.  
555 Tall ships: The golden age of sail   Philip McCutchan   1976     Ships.  Explores the famous ships of the 19th century, how the designs evolved, the personalities - naval architects, discoverers, ship owners and the seamen and masters. Also recounts the remarkable passages of the age to the Far East and Australasia, the transatlantic and round-the world voyages.
222 Ten Small Yachts - and others   Maurice Griffiths   1937     Racing & Cruising.  More detais about the boats described by the author in 'The magic of the Swatchways', see Catalogue #448
689 Terra Linna: The history, recovery and reconstruction of Tasmania's oldest racing yacht   Graeme Broxam, Wooden Boat Guild of Tasmania   2012     General.  Records the reconstruction of vintage yacht Terra Linna (1881) by the Wooden Boat Guild of Tasmania
215 The America's Cup, 1851-1967   E. Wesley Oliver, Jr.       Racing & Cruising.  
120 The Art & Science Of Sails   Tom Whidden & Michael Levitt       Building and Design.   Selecting, using and maintaining yacht sails
603 The Art of Coarse Sailing   Michael Green       General.  
360 The arts of the sailor: Knotting, splicing and ropework   Hervey Garrett Smith   1990     Navigation, Seamanship and Piloting.  Describes in detail a sailor's tools, knots and hitches, as well as splicing, hand sewing and canvas work, belaying, coiling & stowing, chafing gear. Easy to follow instructions and black & white illustrations. Republication of 1953 edition.
142 The Australian Carpenter   C. Lloyd       Building and Design.  
145 The Backyard Boatyard         Building and Design.  
527 The Battle of the Torpedo Boats   Bryan Cooper       Ships.  
211 The Best Of Sail Trim   Sail Magazine       Racing & Cruising.  
716 The Big Six   Arthur Ransome       Fiction.  MISSING
717 The Bird of Dawning   John Masefield       Fiction.  
554 The boat beneath the pyramid: King Cheops' royal ship   Nancy Jenkins   1980     Ships.  Describes the discovery in Egypt in 1954 of the first known example of a Royal Ship, its excavation and reconstruction, along with a detailed history of who built it.
196 The Boat Owners Fitting Out Manual   Jeff Toghill   1980     Building and Design.  Fitting out interiors
679 The Boat     1975     General.  Part of Time-Life Library of Boating. See also: The Classic Boat; Boat Handling; Racing
The Boatman     August 1992    2  Periodical.  
The Boatman     October 1992    3  Periodical.  
The Boatman     December 1992    4  Periodical.  
The Boatman     February 1993    5  Periodical.  
The Boatman     April 1993    6  Periodical.  
The Boatman     June 1993    7  Periodical.  
The Boatman     August 1993    8  Periodical.  
The Boatman     October 1993    9  Periodical.  
The Boatman     November 1993    10  Periodical.  
The Boatman     January 1994    11  Periodical.  
The Boatman     March 1994    12  Periodical.  
The Boatman     April 1994    13  Periodical.  
The Boatman     May 1994    14  Periodical.  
The Boatman     June 1994    15  Periodical.  
The Boatman     July 1994    16  Periodical.  
The Boatman     August 1994    17  Periodical.  X-boats, sunbeams, friendship sloops. Peter H. spectre and Ralph Stanley, Chichester Harbour, the Broads. Tofina, Tadore, Freedom, Offcut, Zara, Rosemary, Blue Bell, Serina, Melisande, Elfin, Irene of Bridgewater
The Boatman     September 1994    18  Periodical.  Southampton Boat show, Mersey skiff, Mallard, cold moulded consruction, Judy Brickhill, Westrau 16, John Wastson artist, Isle of Mann Sutton Hoo replica, Mutin, Provident, Emma, Vigia, Thelma, ZinniaLochudy, Aquila
The Boatman     October 1994    19  Periodical.  Falmouth classics, Loire, Hawkins half models, fishing boats of scotland east coast - flit boats, Isabella Ellen, Bloodhoound, Nephalia, Thendara's tender, suzette -6 metre,
The Boatman     December 1994    20  Periodical.  artist John Chancellor, Cornish crabbers, Norfolk wherries, artist William Edwrad Wigfull Rosinate, Tannis, Red Head, Roxane, Renard, Popoff, Etoile Molene, Joshua, Rona, Mallard
The Boatman     January 1995    21  Periodical.  Gaff cutter, Finland, Salcombe trader, Denny Desoutter, artist Turner, Haryy Clow, Kittiwake, Hansteen, White Moth, Auther H. Davies,
The Boatman     March 1995    22  Periodical.  Finland, Portugal, Mallard Red Gauntlet, Kilter, Fleetwing, Mathilde,
The Boatman     April 1995    23  Periodical.  Lighthouses, thames slippers, Ewst Scotland fishing boats, designs of George Holmes, Cariad, stella, Andromeda, Melusine
The Boatman     May 1995    24  Periodical.  
The Boatman     June 1995    25  Periodical.  Pram dinghy, smacks and bawleys, Shotley, artist Niemann, Celerina, Ethel, Ark, Cabby,
The Boatman     July 1995    26  Periodical.  Scottish double ender, barge yacht, hollow masts, balast keel Wrren class pram dinghy, Tree boat, Ness Yawl, Batavia, P'tit Bonheur, Barican, gypsy, Laura
The Boatman     October 1995    27  Periodical.  prawners, wooden boat show Greenwhich, Artists -Lee, Wagner, Shipsides, Betham. Houston Bell Baxter, Broads boats, modern outboards, fleet trows severn, Golant Gaffer, canoe launch, strip planking, Italy Scalloway, Magda, Moya
The Boatman     September 1995    28  Periodical.  Devon lugger, clinker boats, Horzens, Mallard rigs, fishing boats of Wales, Forbans of France, Longstone 16, dory construction, Omega, Romilly, Sapphire 27, Lizzie, Terna, Tern, Sparrow, Nobile, primavera, Antal
The Boatman     October 1995    29  Periodical.  Lugger of Devon and Cornwall, pilot cutter, Herreshoff 12 1/2 , Peter Duck, Dolly Pentreath, Guide Me, Gannet, La grande L�jon, Girl Sybil, Our boys, Goosander, Le Seil, Mascotte, Dutch Maid, Roxae, Post Boat, Bonita, Roberta III,
The Boatman     December 1995    30  Periodical.  Tidewater, clinker built, New Zealand, Falmouth 18 foot, Nathaniel Bowditch, Grace Bailey, Mistress, J & E Riggin, Alchemy, Whisper, Ptarmigan, Fanny, Mira II,
The Boatman     January 1996    31  Periodical.  ice boating Netherlands shipmaster De Hoop, shrimper, Artic, Artist -Frank Wagner, bilge keeler British Columbia Roxane, Alpha, Vagabond, Corentin, Vita, Sara Kjerstine, Arabella Rose, Andreyale, Mynonie, , Fanny, San Guiseppe Due
The Boatman     March 1996    32  Periodical.  Pilot cutter, flobarts of France, electric boats, Moray Firth, olden days Brightlingsea, Norfolk punt and pram Annabel J, Mopsy, Farthing, Suantress, Fanny,
The Boatman     April 1996    33  Periodical.  Pocket crusier, Lac Leman, Nobby race, Plyboats design from a computer - then model, Lake Geneva, Artist- David Eston, Clinker dingy, Fanny, Aurthur Alexander, Palace, Felix the Cat, Sanderling, Ginger, Zela,
The Boatman     May 1996    34  Periodical.  Ireland's east coast, shetland sixareen, Robertson II with scantlings for model makers, Yarmouth of old, Hastings fishing fleet, oyster dredgers, kattegat, Optimone build yourself, Bristol 96, star of the west, Vagabond,
The Boatman     June 1996    35  Periodical.  Brest '96, Jack chippendale, cockle, Norfolk coaster, Adriatic of old, Cancalaise, Audierne, , smuggler, la Granvillaise,
The Boatman     July 1996    36  Periodical.  Farne Islander, Captain Charles Nottage, Bristol '96, boats on the Humber of old, cove boat, Espanola
The Boatman     August 1996    37  Periodical.  Designs of Fred Shepherd, Sea Otter, Lively Lady, Greenwhich, Artists Sally Basset and Roger Hickman, the Flyer, estuary launch, Bridlington skiff, the Water Wags, Vivette, Selna King, Lady Betty Too
The Boatman     September 1996    38  Periodical.  lateen rig, Stintino, Sam Devlin, Carl Gustav Pettersson, dinghy cruising, Cormoran Lady Hermione, Golden Hind, Winter Wern, Rapsody, Wiking X, Captain Flint, Finisterre, Marie Claude, Landrath Kuster, Spray of Wight.
436 The Brendan Voyage   Tim Severin       Notable Voyages.  
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624 The care of wooden boats   CSIRO Forest Products   Technical Note 3 1969     General.  
672 The China Clippers   Basil Lubbock   1968     General.  Historical clippers
678 The Classic Boat     1977     General.  Part of Time-Life Library of Boating. See also: The Boat; Boat Handling; Racing
548 The Clipper Ships   ABC Whipple and Time Life       Ships.  Part of the Time-Life pictorial book series "The Seafarers". First produced by American shipbuilders in 1840, clippers ships were the fastest, most beautiful wooden sailing ships the world had ever seen.
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421 The Cruise of The Kate   E.E. Middleton       Notable Voyages.  
245 The cruising multihull   Chris White   1990     Racing & Cruising.  "..helps you decide whether a multihull is right for you"
The Cruising Skipper     March April 97     Periodical.  
224 The Cup comes Down Under   Piers Akerman       Racing & Cruising.  
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V4 The Endeavour         Videos.  
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346 The handbook of knots   Des Pawson   1998     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  Comprehensive, detailed and well illustrated with colour photgraphs
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516 The Last Grain Race   Eric Newby       Ships.  In 1938 18 year old Newby signed on as an apprentice for the round trip from Europe to Australia in Finnish 4-masted barque, Moshulu, in the last commercial sailing fleet to make the journey.
668 The last of the sailing coasters   Edmund Eglington   1982     General.  The Seven Trows coasting ketches/schooners
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V23 The Liners         Videos.  
439 The Lonely Sea and the Sky   Francis Chichester       Notable Voyages.  
551 The Luxury Yachts   John Rousmaniere       Ships.  Part of the Time-Life pictorial bookseries 'The Seafarers', surveys the history of yachting from ancient times to the present and describes a variety of outstanding and extravagant yachts
448 The Magic of the Swatchways: Cameos of cruising in small yachts   Maurice Griffiths   1937     Notable Voyages.  Describes cruises around the Thames Estuary in a variety of small boats. "..[this book] is concerned with the the natural romance of the wild and deserted creeks and rivers and with the impressions they leave on those who explore them in small boats..." More details about the boats featured here can be found in 'Ten small yachts', see Catalogue #222.
184 The Mariner's catalog Vol # 1   George Putz - Peter Spectere   1973     Building and Design.  
183 The Mariner's catalog Vol # 2   George Putz - Peter Spectere   1974     Building and Design.  Chandelers & Boatbuilders catalog
182 The Mariner's catalog Vol # 3   George Putz - Peter Spectere   1975     Building and Design.  Chandelers & Boatbuilders catalog
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633 The seawife's handbook   Joyce Sleightholme       General.  Offers advice on basics of seamanship to potential "seawives" , assumes no prior knowledge
1142 The Sharpie book   Reuel Parker      1993  Building and Design.  "The history, theory, traditional and modern construction techniques, and plans for 16 sharpies from 14 to 38 ft" with step by step instructions.
435 The Sinbad Voyage   Tim Severin       Notable Voyages.  
460 The Sinbad Voyage   Tim Severin   1982     Notable Voyages.  Recreating the Voyages of Sinbad
352 The small-boat skipper's handbook   Geoff Lewis   1977     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  Chapters include: Sea sense; Boat design & construction; Ship safety and insurance; Ropes, lines and their uses; Sails and sailcloth; Standing and running rigging; Anchors, cables and mooring; Engines & electrics; and manymore
607 The Story Of American Yachting   William Taylor, Stanley Rosenfeld       General.  
452 The Strange Voyage of Donald Crowhurst   Nicholas Tomalin & Ron Hall   2003     Notable Voyages.  "In 1968, Donald Crowhurst set sail from England to participate in the first single-handed nonstop around-the-world sailboat race. Eight months later, his boat was found in the mid-Atlantic, intact but with no one on board. "
1101 The Tools & Materials of Boat Building   Alan Lucas   1978     Building and Design.  Materials Technology
552 The U Boats   Douglas Botting       Ships.  Part of the Time-Life pictorial book series 'The Seafarers', describes German submarine operations during World Wars I and II. Numerous illustratons and maps.
355 The ultimate encyclopedia of knots and ropework   Geoffrey Budworth   1999     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  Over 200 tying techniques with step-by-step photographs, including knots, bends, hitches, loops and whippings
469 The unlikely voyage of Jack de Crow   A. J. Mackinnon       Notable Voyages.  
486 The voyage of the Aegre: From Scotland to the South Seas in a Shetland boat   Nicholas Grainger   2023     Notable Voyages.  Early WBA member Nick Grainger's 1970's voyage down the east coast of England in Aegre, a small Shetland fishing boat turned into a "trans-oceanic odyssey", culminating in a night storm and capsize near Tahiti.
240 The watcher on the quay   Olma Mignacca   1998     Racing & Cruising.  An Australian woman and her partner explore the world aboard their yacht Windigo.
472 The well at World's End   A. J. Mackinnon   2014     Notable Voyages.  When A.J. Mackinnon quits his job in Australia, he knows only that he longs to travel to the Well at the World's End, a mysterious pool on a remote Scottish island whose waters, legend has it, hold the secret to eternal youth....
433 The Wind Knows No Boundaries   Carleton Mitchell       Notable Voyages.  
550 The Windjammers   Oliver Allen       Ships.  Part of the Time-Life pictorial book series "The Seafarers", describes the huge square-rigged sailing vessels that challenged the steamships on world trade routes
626 The Wooden Boat   Joseph Gribbins       General.  
656 The Wooden Boat   Joseph Gribbins   1996     General.  Pictorial
144 The Wooden Boatshop Catalogue   Wooden Boatshop       Building and Design.  
151 The Woodworker's Pocket Book   Charles Heyward       Building and Design.  
694 There was a ship   Patsy Adam-Smith   1983     General.  The story of the author's years at sea in the small trading ketches around the Bass Strait islands. She was the first woman granted Signed Articles in Australian waters. Illustrated with many photographs of her life at sea.
657 They call it sailing   Mike Peyton   1981     General.  Sailing cartoons
1110 Thirty wooden boats: A second catalog of building plans   Wooden Boat Magazine   1988     Building and Design.  
241 This is cruising   Des Sleightholme   1982     Racing & Cruising.  Illustrated introduction to cruising, how to handle and sail a modern 20-35 ft cruiser.
228 This is sailing   Richard Creagh-Osborne   1973     Racing & Cruising.  A complete course
358 TL 4 Yachtmaster Offshore Theory Certificate Course     2002     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  Syllabus and notes for shore-based training course run at Sandringham Yacht Club. The course builds practical navigation and seamanship skills - traditional skills such as buoyage, tides and passage planning as well as GPS and electronic systems.
209 To Beat the Clippers: Financial Times" Clipper Race, 1975-76   Alec. Beilby       Racing & Cruising.  
543 To Build a Ship   Robert Garvey   2001     Ships.  The VOC Replica ship Dyfken
513 Trader to the Islands   Patsy Adam Smith       Ships.  "...it was no luxury cruise or glamorous holiday that so captured and held her for six years on the Naracoopa off the Tasmanian coast."
501 Trafalgar   Stuart Legg       Ships.  WITHDRAWN
116 Trailer Sailers   Jeff Toghill       Building and Design.  
213 Two Tall Masts   John Young       Racing & Cruising.  America's Cup races
503 Two Years Before The Mast   Richard Henry Dana       Ships.  
677 Uffa Fox book of sailing   John Mills (ed.)   1963     General.  
172 Ultralight Boatbuilding   Thomas J. Hill       Building and Design.  
532 Under Four Flags   Herbert Wilson Edwards       Ships.  WITHDRAWN
204 Very Willing Griffin   David Blagden       Racing & Cruising.  The story of the smallest boat ever to compete in the Singlehanded Transatlantic Race.
464 Voyage of 'Waltzing Matilda'   Philip Davenport   1953     Notable Voyages.  An account of the author's voyage in a small boat from Australia to England.
524 Voyaging   Captain James William Holmes       Ships.  
104 Waitangi 1894-1994 Restoration   The Waitangi Syndicate       Building and Design.  
Water craft     March April 1978    21  Periodical.  
730 We didn't mean to go to sea   Arthur Ransome   1937, 23rd ed 1963     Fiction.  
337 Weather Lore   Richard Inwards   1950     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  Tales of age old wisdom of the weather
683 Western Port wrecks and maritime mishaps   Arthur E Woodley   1992     General.  An entertaining account of maritime mishaps, fishing reminscences, seafaring anecdotes and tragedies of treacherous reefs and storms, centred on Western Port Bay
225 When Dinghies Delight   Robert Steavenson       Racing & Cruising.  
202 When the Crew Matter Most, an ocean racing story   Erroll Bruce   1961     Racing & Cruising.  
445 White Cliffs to Coral Reef   William Howell       Notable Voyages.  
344 Wind and sail: A sailing primer   John Muhlhausen   1971     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  A revolutionary new visual approach which makes it easy to learn how to sail
712 Winds of Fortune   Jeffry Farrol       Fiction.  
474 Windswept   Gavin LeSueur   1989     Notable Voyages.  Returning from NZ after racing in the Two-handed Trans Tasman Challenge, LeSueur's 37ft Crowther Super Shockwave catamaran hit a whale. This is the story of his time on a life raft and subsequent rescue.
731 Winter holiday   Arthur Ransome   1933, reprinted 1935     Fiction.  
188 Wire Splicing for Yachtsmen   R. Schot Skirving       Building and Design.  
130 Wooden Boat Construction   Ron Jurd       Building and Design.  
1143 Wooden boat renovation: New life for old boats using modern methods   Jim Trefethen   1993     .  "will supply you with the skills you'll need to successfully renovate an old wooden boat" - how to budget and schedule work, select alternatives to endangered timbers, repair all parts of a boat, paint and refinish.
V5 Wooden Boat Show, U.S.A., 1991         Videos.  
Wooden Boat     Autumn-87     Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 1978    22  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July/Aug 1978    23  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Sept/Oct 1978    24  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 1978    25  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 1979    26  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Mar/April 1979    27  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 1979    28  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July/Aug 1979    29  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Sept/Oct 1979    30  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 1979    31  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 1980    32  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Mar/April 1980    33  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 1980    34  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July/Aug 1980    35  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Sept/Oct 1980    36  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 1980    37  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 1981    38  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Mar/April 1981    39  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 1981    40  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July/Aug 1981    41  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Sept/Oct 1981    42  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 1981    43  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 1982    44  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Mar/April 1982    45  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 1982    46  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July/Aug 1982    47  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Sept/Oct 1982    48  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 1982    49  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 1983    50  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     March/April 1983    51  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 1983    52  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July/Aug 1983    53  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Sept/Oct 1983    54  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 1983    55  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 1984    56  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Mar/April 1984    57  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 1984    58  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July/Aug 1984    59  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Sept/Oct 1984    60  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 1984    61  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 1985    62  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     March/April 1985    63  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 1985    64  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July/Aug 1985    65  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Sept/Oct 1985    66  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 1985    67  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 1986    68  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     March/April 1986    69  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 1986    70  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July/Aug 1986    71  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Sept/Oct 1986    72  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 1986    73  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 1987    74  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Apr-87    75  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 1987    76  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July/Aug 1987    77  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Sept/Oct    78  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 1987    79  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 1988    80  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     March/April 1988    81  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 1988    82  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July/Aug 1988    83  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Sept/Oct 1988    84  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 1988    85  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 1989    86  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     March/April 1989    87  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 1989    88  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July/Aug 1989    89  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Sept/Oct 1989    90  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 1989    91  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 1990    92  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     March/April 1990    93  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 1990    94  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July/Aug 1990    95  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Sept/Oct 1990    96  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 1990    97  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb    98  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Mar/April 1991    99  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 1991    100  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July/Aug 1991    101  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Oct-91    102  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 1991    103  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 92    104  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Mar/April 92    105  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jun-92    106  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jul/Aug 1992    107  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Sept/Oct 1992    108  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 1992    109  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 1993    110  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Mar/April 1993    111  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 1993    112  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Aug-93    113  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Oct-93    114  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Dec-93    115  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Feb-94    116  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Apr-94    117  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jun-94    118  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Aug-94    119  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Oct-94    120  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Dec-94    121  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Feb-95    122  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Apr-95    123  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jun-95    124  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Aug-95    125  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Oct-95    126  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 1995    127  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 1996    128  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Mar/April 1996    129  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 1996    130  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July/Aug 1996    131  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Oct-96    132  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 1996    133  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 1997    134  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     March/April 1997    135  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 1997    136  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July/Aug 1997    137  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Sept/Oct 1997    138  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 1997    139  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 1998    140  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     March/April 1998    141  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 1998    142  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July/Aug 1998    143  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Sept/Oct 1998    144  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 1998    145  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 1999    146  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     March/April 1999    147  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 1999    148  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jul/Aug 1999    149  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Sept/Oct 1999    150  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 1999    151  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 2000    152  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     March/april 2000    153  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 2000    154  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July / Aug    155  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Oct-00    156  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Dec-00    157  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Apr-01    159  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jun-01    160  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Aug-01    161  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Oct-01    162  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Dec-01    163  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Febuary 2002    164  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Apr-02    165  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July/Aug 2002    167  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Sept/Oct 2002    168  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 2002    169  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 2003    170  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     March/April 2003    171  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 2003    172  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July/Aug 2003    173  Periodical.  
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Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 2004    176  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     March/April 2004    177  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 2004    178  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July/Aug 2004    179  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Sept/Oct 2004    180  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 2004    181  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Jan/Feb 2005    182  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     March/April 2005    183  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     May/June 2005    184  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     July /Aug 2005    185  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Sept/Oct 2005    186  Periodical.  
Wooden Boat     Nov/Dec 2005    187  Periodical.  
627 Wooden Boats, From Sculls to Yachts   Joseph Gribbins       General.  
125 Wooden Boats, The Eighth Into Wooden Boat Show   The Practical Boat Owner       Building and Design.  
663 Wooden Hookers of Hobart town   Harry O'May   1978     General.  Historical
680 Wooden walls to distant shores: A maritime concoction and the 'Regina Maris' saga   Capt. John Aa Wilson   1992     Ships.  Originally built in 1908, the schooner Regina Maris was used in the fishing industry in the Baltic Sea. It was purchased by Wilson in 1963 and refitted as his personal yacht. It was later used as a cruise ship, sail trainer, and research vessel, also appearing in various movies, until damaged beyond repair by a hurricane.
682 Woodworking for women: cutting a new path for beginners   Patt Gregory   2010     General.  Step by step guide to making a small project from designing and drawing the work, buying the wood, measuring and marking, making joints, assembly and finishing.
674 Work boats under sail - Australia 1788 - 1960   John Fugill   2014     General.  Two copies
V1 Working Gaffers         Videos.  
692 Wreck- 1891 and other maritime memories   Jack Loney   1992     General.  Stories behind maritime wrecks off the southeast coast of Australia
705 Wreckers of Pengarth   Michael Gibson       Fiction.  WITHDRAWN
118 Yacht Craftsman's Handbook   Garth Graves       Building and Design.  
1132 Yacht designing and planning   Howard Chapelle   1936     Building and Design.  First edition
1133 Yacht designs   George Buehler       Boat building & Design.  Catalogue of Buehler designs.
618 Yacht Gear and Gadgets   Conor O'Brien       General.  
356 Yacht navigation and piloting   Claud Worth   1947, 3rd ed.     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  Explains "the principles of navigation in the simplest possible words and without unnecessary use of mathematical formulae "
187 Yacht Sails their care & Handling   Ernest A Ratsey & W H Fontaine   1948     Building and Design.  
673 Yachting World Annual 1958     1958     General.  General classes Yearbook
307 Yachtsman's Mate's Guide   Margie Livingstone       Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  
329 Yachtsmaster's Certificates   Jeff Toghill   1980     Navigation, Seamanship & Piloting.  
133 You Can Build Your Own Sailboat   Donald Rouse and David Rouse   1965     Building and Design.  Step-by-step instructions, including photos and scale drawings, on how to build a sailing dinghy, based on the actual experiences of a twelve-year-old.
V20 Young Endeavour         Videos.  

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