Our Rules of Association specify the positions available on the Association Committee. These positions are: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Editor, Promotions Officer, Activities Officer, and two Ordinary Committee members.



The President’s role is to represent the Association and its members to other organizations, industry, government and public agencies, the media, and the general public.

Responsibilities of the President include:

  • Developing relationships with like-minded Associations, other organizations, industry, government and public agencies, the media, the general public.
  • Presiding at all meetings of the Members of the Association, and the Committee.
  • Bringing people to a consensus in a timely manner and then translating decisions into meaningful actions.
  • Working with the Secretary to develop agendas for Committee meetings.
  • Articulating the Association’s vision and driving the Association toward achievement of that vision.


The Vice President’s role is to assist the President where required.

Responsibilities of the Vice President include:

  • Being familiar with all the responsibilities of the President.
  • Being able to assist the President.
  • Assuming the President duties in the absence of the President and if the office becomes unoccupied.


The Treasurer’s role is to manage the Association’s finances.

Responsibilities of the Treasurer include:

  • Maintaining the Association’s financial records and managing the receipt and payment of Association monies.
  • Collecting money at meetings.
  • Developing, managing and providing appropriate financial reports to the committee and external parties where required.
  • Coordinating the Association’s membership procedure and collection of membership fees in a timely manner.
  • Providing details of current financial members to the Secretary.


The Secretary’s role is to manage the business of the Association.

Responsibilities of the Secretary include:

  • Developing and distributing committee meeting agenda’s to committee members prior to meetings, and recording and distributing the minutes of such meetings.
  • Managing all correspondence to and from the Association in a timely manner.
  • Maintaining the Association’s records and files for historical purposes.
  • Being the Association’s Public Officer and filing mandatory annual reports to external parties.
  • Maintaining the list of current members of the Association.
  • Maintaining and providing access to the records of the Association’s Library.


The Editor’s role is to coordinate communication with Association members and manage the Association’s website.

Responsibilities of the Editor include:

  • Publishing the Association’s newsletter, Shavings, 11 times each year.
  • Managing and maintaining the Association’s website which may include drawing on the expertise of other members of the Association where necessary, and from outside the Association if required.
  • Coordinating the sourcing of content to be used in newsletters and on the website.
  • In conjunction with the Promotions Officer, finding sponsors to help defray the costs of the Association’s newsletter and website.
  • Coordinating and publicizing advertisements from members and non-members , Association events and external events in the newsletter and on the website.
  • With the assistance of the Treasurer and Secretary, maintaining the website membership functionality, and the electronic mailing lists used by the Association to communicate with members, other associations, and industry bodies.
  • Using the Association’s electronic mailing lists to disseminate information in a timely manner.


Promotions Officer

The Promotions Officer’s role is to positively promote the Association.

Responsibilities of the Promotions Officer include:

  • Coordinating the organisation of Association sailing days and weekends away, and the appointment of the “Officer of the Day” responsible for the organisation of a specific sailing activity.
  • Ensuring that the Association receives the widest possible media coverage.  
  • Developing and implementing a public relations plan to promote the Association.  
  • In conjunction with the Editor, publicising and promoting upcoming events, interesting personalities and activities and achievements.  
  • Keeping the Secretary and Committee informed of all media activities.  
  • Assisting with obtaining sponsorship for the Association.  
  • Creating a positive general public awareness of the Association and its activities.  

Activities Officer

The Activities Officer’s role is to coordinate Association events and activities.

The Activity Officer’s responsibilities include:

  • Working with the Promotions Officer, coordinating members on Association events and activities sanctioned by the committee.
  • At the Committee’s direction, liaising with appropriate external parties in relation to Association events and activities.
  • Ensuring that Association events and activities are completed to an appropriate standard acceptable to the committee.

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Join the WBA

Membership is open to all wooden boat enthusiasts. Many members own boats, others do not, but all enjoy the chance to get together and "muck about with boats". Their boats include rowing boats, putt-putts, radio controlled models, pond yachts, canoes, kayaks, steam-powered boats, sailing dinghies, dayboats and ocean-going yachts.

The Wooden Boat Association is based in Melbourne, with regular sailing days scheduled on Albert Park Lake, as well as other venues around Melbourne, and at least one weekend each year elsewhere in the state.

Especially welcome is the first-time wooden boat builder or restorer, who can expect to receive ample advice and assistance in getting their dream onto the water.

Benefits of Wooden Boat Association Membership 

  • Become part of a friendly and sociable group of people with a common interest in wooden boats.
  • Receive Shavings, a monthly newsletter bringing timely news about events and activities in Victoria.
  • Regular meetings with a wide range of interesting speakers and activities. Our usual venue is the Albert Park Yacht Club, with visits to other venues from time to time.
  • Monthly sailing days, on Albert Park Lake and other locations close to Melbourne.
  • Use of the Association's own boats, two traditional sailing boats, Begonia and Lindsay Symons, our canoe Stringybark, and our extremely rare Port Philip 12.
  • Access to the Association's extensive library of boatbuilding and other nautical books.
  • Companionship with sister associations in other states

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Coming WBA Events

Sun Jan 23 @10:00AM -
Sailing Day - Albert Park Lake
Wed Feb 09 @10:00AM - 03:00PM
Mid-week Boating - NEW!
Wed Feb 16 @ 7:30PM -
Club Night - The boats of HMAS Castlemaine
Sat Feb 26 @12:00PM -
Participate in APYC's 150th Anniversary Celebrations
Wed Mar 16 @ 7:30PM -
Club Night - Alma Doepel - TBC
Sun Mar 27 @ 8:00AM -
Sailing Day - Rye
Sun Apr 24 @10:00AM -
Sailing Day - Yarra trip
Sun May 22 @10:00AM -
Sailing Day - Albert Park Lake
Sun Jun 26 @10:00AM -
Sailing Day - Albert Park Lake
Sun Jul 24 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
AGM and Sailing Day

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