Our sailing day at Albert Park Lake was very well attended, and the lake was quite crowded. APYC had a social sailing day as well, with quite a few Sabres launched, and later in the day there were lots of Optis on the water as well, all taking advantage of the light winds and sunny skies.

Chris Kelly had arrived early, but despite a number of calls to Parks Victoria’s answering service, it took a while to get the launching ramp unlocked for the larger boats.

We rigged and launched Begonia, and Graham Signorini, Chris Stockman and Steve Taylor put her through her paces. The hull hadn’t completely dried out, so there weren’t many leaks to take care of.

Andrew was motoring Mini Mars along the shoreline, and battled with the ever-present weed which seemed determined to clog up Mini Mars’ propeller.

It was great to see Pat and Rob Ripley on the day. Rob is currently working on a new boat, having (literally) disposed of Green Bean, so we can look forward to seeing him back on the water sometime in the future. Pat brought along a delicious crumble, which was greatly appreciated by our members, up on the balcony at lunchtime.

Krzysztof Zemski launched his Salmo 15-S, Kelvin and Palz sailed Lily, their Moyne 12, new member Roger Spooner brought and sailed his tiny Seagull, an Australian design from the 1940s, and as usual, Gary Hardy sailed Derry. Micah and Fab Dixon brought along Lion, their gorgeous Oughtred Whilly Tern.

Krzysztof, new member Jack Rawson, and his nephew Chris, all hitched a ride on, and were impressed by, a Green Island 18 cat ketch rigged Sharpie, recently purchased by Greg, a potential new member. This is a big boat, with lots of potential. During the day I mentioned to Kirsty that it was just as well that I hadn’t seen this boat when it was available on Gumtree, as I would have been sorely tempted. I look forward to seeing Greg at future sailing days, and sailing with him as well.

I hope our September sailing day at Albert Park lake (Sunday 24 September) is equally successful, and that the weather is just as kind!