2016 Geelomng Wooden Boat Festival

The President's report

Welcome back to all you holiday makers. I hope that your destinations and the weather were suitable for your boating pursuits and look forward to hearing about your adventures in Shavings.

It seems like a long time since our last talk and with an early December meeting for our Christmas party it is now nearly 6 weeks ago.


CLUB NIGHT – Wednesday 17 February – 6PM start

Our first Club Night for 2016 will host Jim Barr and helpers who will bring along the beautiful St Ayles skiff built as a community project by the Melbourne Welsh Church in the heart of the CBD. Launched in 2014, Cariad is one of a growing number of these elegant, Iain Oughtred-designed rowing craft which have rapidly gained in popularity around the world.

The evening will commence at 6pm (instead of 7.30pm) to allow us to take advantage of the extended daylight hours and see Cariad in action on the water. Jim has kindly invited WBA members to have a go at rowing as part of the 4-person-plus-cox crew. Come along and enjoy a BBQ on the deck, have a row on the lake and take the opportunity to chat informally to our guests. Jim’s talk afterwards about the building of Cariad and her subsequent adventures will be illustrated with photos and video and will include plenty of time for questions. Supper will follow as usual.

Dave’s Australia Day Adventure

Many of you will know that I underwent a total shoulder replacement last October, and although the new shoulder is fabulous in many ways, it has so far prevented me from most boating activities – especially rowing.

Imagine my surprise when I received a call from Jim Stockton the Monday before Australia Day, suggesting that he and Penny Braybrook take me rowing the next day!   Jim suggested that I provide the vessel and he provide the muscle – no rowing for the David, he said, the Jim will do it all!! All I had to do was extract and load the boats etc. and be ready (together with the Margaret) at 8:00am for an hour’s row!


The Port Phillip 12 is looking for supporters

Jim-Temple-Port-Phillip-12As far as we know, the Port Phillip 12 (PP12) class sailing dinghy owned by the Wooden Boat Association is the last one in existence, however it would be great to be proved wrong about this.

The Port Phillip 12 is a 12 foot, two person, sloop rigged racing dinghy with similarities to the Gwen 12. The boats were built by Mouldcraft Pty Ltd at their factory in Frankston in the 1960’s.

After a lot of restoration work by club members, including our President, Chris Kelly, and some teething troubles (the mast went over the side) the PP12 is nearly ready for sailing again.

Find out more about our Port Phillip 12

Early photo of WBA membership group

Alan Chinn recently sent in a photo of an early WBA event. There are some who are long term stalwarts of the WBA and still active! One name is missing. Does anyone know who the mystery man is? Click on the photo for a larger view.


From Left top: Richard Jefferis, Nick Grainger, Ron Parker, Wayne Pollard, Tom Whitfield, Rob Gunter, Derek Williams, Ron Stannus, Unknown, Ian Doherty, Henry Scott, Graham Signorini, Maarten Poot, Doug Thompson, Lewis Goldman

Front Row: Geoff Bryar, Jeff Ings, Colin Hunt

About the Wooden Boat Association

Wooden Boat AssociationThe Wooden Boat Association was formed in 1989 for people who enjoy wooden boats and wooden boat building.

Members appreciate wooden boats for their aesthetic qualities, the beauty of the boats and the materials from which they are constructed, and the pure romance of wooden boats.
In this age of mass production, each wooden boat is as individual as her owner.

Find out more about the Wooden Boat Association

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Call for Contributions

Have you recently had a great day on the water, voyaged from A to B successfully, or completed a small project such as a locker lid or new spar? Our members would love to hear about it!

Please send a short paragraph and a picture to the Shavings Editor, preferably by email to shavings@woodenboat.asn.au, so that we can include your account in Shavings.

We also encourage members to share their achievements and experiences at club nights. Bring along photos, drawings or examples and feel welcome to talk about these as part of the meeting.

Coming WBA Events

Wed Feb 17 @ 7:00PM -
Club Night. St Ayles skiff, Welsh Church - Note: 6.00pm start + sausage sizzle
Sun Feb 28 @10:00AM -
Sailing day at Rye
Sun Mar 13 @10:00AM -
St Helens Sailing Day
Sun Mar 27 @10:00AM -
Sailing Day at APYC
Wed Apr 20 @ 7:30PM -
Club Night. Geoff Divko – Tool sharpening
Sun Apr 24 @10:00AM -
Sailing Day at APYC
Wed May 18 @ 7:30PM -
Club Night. David McCubbin – Maritime art of Frederick McCubbin
Sun May 22 @10:00AM -
Maribyrnong River trip
Wed Jun 22 @ 7:30PM -
Club Night. One-pot cooking
Sun Jun 26 @10:00AM -
Sailing Day at APYC
Sun Jul 24 @10:00AM -
Annual General Meeting and Sailing Day
Thu Aug 18 @ 7:30PM -
Club Night. Sea shanties – with Enterprize folk
Sun Aug 28 @10:00AM -
Sailing Day at APYC

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Tenacious is coming!


Andrew Cohen reports that the 65m Barque Tenacious, launched in 2000, is coming to Melbourne in August 2016. Tenacious was the largest wooden sailing ship built in the UK for over 100 years.

She was designed and built to enable people of all physical abilities to sail side by side on equal terms. She is a 714 ton square rigger with 21 sails.

Find out more at http://www.classic-sailing.co.uk/vessels/tenacious.